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Elåer, so appealing, may appear; and the said Annual Conference, by Commit tee, as in the case of accused Traveling Preachers, or in full session, shall judge, and finally determine from the minutes of the said trial so laid before them.

Appeals of Members 1 244. If there be a murmur or complaint from any excluded person in any of the above-mentioned instances, (TT 217232,) that justice has not been done, he, not having absented himself from trial after due notice was given him, shall be allowed an appeal to the next Quarterly Conference; and no member thereof having been a member of the Committee for the trial of such person shall be permitted to vote on the case: and the Preacher in Charge shall present exact minutes of the evidence and proceedings of the trial to the Quarterly Conference, from which minutes the case shall finally be determined. And if, in the judgment of the Presiding Elder, because of local prejudice, an impartial trial cannot be had in the Quarterly Conference of the

Circuit or Station where the appellant resides, he may, on the demand of either party, cause the appeal to be tried by any other Quarterly Conference within his District, after due notice to the complainant and appellant.





Oredentials of those who have been Travel

ing Preachers. [ 245. When any Traveling Elder or Deacon is deprived of his credentials, by expulsion or otherwise, they shall be filed with the papers of the Annual Confer ence of which he was a member; and should he, at any future time, give satisfactory evidence to the said Conference of his amendment, and procure a certificate of the Quarterly Conference of the Circuit or Station where he resides or of an Annual Conference who may have admitted him on trial, recommending to the Annual Conference of which he was formerly a member the restoration of his credentials, the said Conference may restore them.

Oredentials of Local Preachers

1 246. When a Local Elder or Deacon shall be expelled, the Presiding Elder shall require of him the credentials of his ordination, to be filed with the papers of the Annual Conference within the limits of which the ulsion has taken place. And should he, at any

future time, produce to the Annual Conference a certificate of his restoration, signed by the President and countersigned by the Secretary of the Quarterly Conference, his credentials may be restored to him.




Education. 1 247. In order that the Church may provide for the higher education of her youth:

$ 1. It is recommended that wherever practicable each Conference have at least one academy or seminary under its direct supervision; and that such institutions confine themselves to their legitimate sphere of duties.

§ 2. It is also recommended that, as a general thing, not less than four Conferences unite in the support of a college or university; and the Conferences are earnestly advised not to multiply schools, especially of this higher grade, beyond the wants of the people, or their ability to sustain them.

$ 3. All these schools are, to a tain extent, beneficiary institutions. The academy must be furnished with build


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