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cused member again, unless the charges are withdrawn.

1231. After such forms of trial and expulsion, such persons shall have no priv. ileges of Society or of Sacraments in our Church, without contrition, confession, and satisfactory reformation.

¶ 232. In all cases of trial and appeal it is improper for the Presiding Officer to deliver a charge to the Committee explaining the evidence and setting forth the merits of the case.



Appeals of Traveling Ministers or Preachers.

T233. In all cases of trial and conviction under the provisions of TT 203–211, an appeal shall be allowed to a Judicial Conference, constituted as hereinafter provided, if the condemned person signify his intention to appeal at the time of his conviction, or at any time thereafter when he is informed thereof.

T234. The several Annual Conferences in the United States shall, at each session, select seven Elders, men of experience and of sound judgment in the affairs of the Church, who shall be known as Triers of Appeals.

T235. When notice of appeal is given to the President of an Annual Conference, he shall proceed, with due regard to the wishes and rights of the appellant, to designate three Conferences, conveniently near that from which the appeal is

taken, whose Triers of Appeals sball constitute a Judicial Conference, and to fix the time and place of its session, and to give notice thereof to all concerned.

1236. The appellant shall have the right of peremptory challenge, yet so that the Triers present, and ready to proceed with the hearing, shall not fall below thirteen, which number shall be required for a quorum.

T237. A Bishop shall preside in the Judicial Conference. The Conference shall appoint a Secretary, who shall keep a faithful record of all the proceedings, and shall, at the close of the trial, transmit the records made and the papers submitted in the case to the Secretary of the preceding General Conference, to be filed and preserved with the papers of that body.

¶ 238. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Annual Conference carefully to preserve the minutes of the trial, whether before a Committee or before the Conference, and all the documents relating to the case, together with the charge or charges and the specification or specifications, which minutes and documents only, in case of an appeal from

the decision of an Annual Conference, shall be presented to the Judicial Confer ence in evidence on the casc.

¶ 239. In all cases where an appeal is made, and admitted by the Judicial Conference, the appellant shall state, either personally or by his representative, (who shall be a member of an Annual Conference,) the grounds of his appeal, showing cause why he appeals, and he shall be allowed to make his appeal without interruption. After which the represent-. atives of the Annual Conference from whose decision the appeal is made shall be permitted to respond in presence of the appellant, who shall have the privilege of replying to such representatives, which reply shall close the pleadings on both sides. This done, the parties shall withdraw, and the Judicial Conference shall decide the case.

T240. The General Conference shall carefully review the decisions of questions of law contained in the records and documents transmitted to it from the Judicial Conferences, and in case of seri ous error therein shall take such action as justice may require.

T241. Appeals from an Annual Con

ference in the United States not easily accessible may, at the discretion of the President thereof, be heard by a Judicial Conference selected from among the more central Conferences. Appeals from a Conference other than those in the United States may be heard by a Judicial Conference called to meet at or near New York by the Bishop in charge of said Conference; or the appeal may be heard directly by the General Conference.

T 242. After a Preacher shall have been regularly tried and expelled he shall have no privileges of Society or Sacraments in our Church without confession, contrition, and satisfactory reformation.

Appeals of Local Preachers,

T243. In case of condemnation, the Local Preacher, Deacon, or Elder shall be allowed to appeal to the next Annual Conference, provided that he signify to the Quarterly Conference his determination to appeal; in which case the President shall lay the minutes of the trial before the said Annual Conference, at which the Local Preacher, Deacon, or

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