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Página 241 - To deliver an opinion is the right of all men ; that of constituents is a weighty and respectable opinion, which a representative ought always to rejoice to hear ; and which he ought always most seriously to consider.
Página 241 - But authoritative instructions; mandates issued, which the member is bound blindly and implicitly to obey, to vote, and to argue for, though contrary to the clearest conviction of his judgment and conscience, — these are things utterly unknown to the laws of this land, and which arise from a fundamental mistake of the whole order and tenor of our constitution.
Página 476 - HAYDN'S DICTIONARY OF DATES, relating to all Ages and Nations. For Universal Reference. Edited by BENJAMIN VINCENT, Assistant Secretary and Keeper of the Library of the Royal Institution of Great Britain ; and Revised for the Use of American Readers. Svo, Cloth, $5 00 ; Sheep, $6 00.
Página 116 - It is now sixteen or seventeen years since I saw the Queen of France, then the dauphiness, at Versailles ; and surely never lighted on this orb, which she hardly seemed to touch, a more delightful vision.
Página 479 - His work fills a want, and is therefore most welcome. Its positive merits, in addition to those we have before mentioned, are impartiality, steadiness of view, clear appreciation of character, and, in point of style, a terseness and conciseness not unlike Tacitus, with not a little, too, of Tacitean vigor of thought, stern sense of justice, sharp irony, and profound wisdom.
Página 476 - FIRST SERIES: From the First Settlement of the Country to the Adoption of the Federal Constitution.
Página 243 - XV. made them esteemed in England, by people not well informed, as the most prominent features of the despotism of France. They were certainly carried to an excess hardly credible ; to the length of being sold, with blanks, to be filled up with names at the pleasure of the purchaser ; who was thus able, in the gratification of private revenge, to tear a man from the bosom of his family, and bury him in a dungeon, where he would exist forgotten, and die unknown...
Página 475 - ABBOTT'S NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. The History of Napoleon Bonaparte. By JOHN SC ABBOTT. With Maps, Woodcuts, and Portraits on Steel. 2 vols., Svo, Cloth, $10 00. ABBOTT'S NAPOLEON AT ST. HELENA ; or, Interesting Anecdotes and Remarkable Conversations of the Emperor during the Five and a Half Years of hia Captivity.
Página 479 - The first attempt at a complete history of the United States. The reader who desires to inform himself in all the particulars, military or political, of the American Revolution, will find that they have been scrupulously collected for him by Mr. Hildreth.— London Athenceum. It has condensed into consecutive narrative the substance of hundreds of volumes.
Página 269 - I have accustomed them all to regard 'yes' or 'no,' once uttered by me, as irrevocable; but I always give them reasons for my decision, suitable to their ages, to prevent their thinking that my decision comes from ill-humor. My son can not read, and he is very slow at learning; but he is too giddy to apply. He has no pride in his heart, and I am very anxious that he should continue to feel so. Our children always learn soon enough what they are. He is very fond of his sister, and has a good heart....

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