Handy Lists of Technical Literature: Useful arts in general, products and processe used in manufacture, technology and trades. 1889. and Key [to publishers] Z7911.H13 pt. 2. Military and naval science ... with list of non-technical books illustrating soldier and sailor life ... 1890. and Key [to publishers] Z6721.H13 pt. 2a. Electricity and magnetism ... 1899. and Key [to publishers] Z5831.H13 pt. 3. Engineering and mechanics ... 1890. and Key [to publishers] Z5851.H13 pt. 4. Mines and mining ... mineralogy, geology, etc. 1891. and Key [to publishers] Z6736.H13 pt. 5-6. Fine arts and architecture ... 1893. Z5931.H13

National publishing and printing Company, 1890

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Página 39 - ELECTROPLATING. A Practical Handbook on the Deposition of Copper, Silver, Nickel, Gold, Aluminium, Brass, Platinum, &c., &c. By JW URQUHART, CE Fourth Edition, Revised. Crown 8vo, cloth , BIO " An excellent practical manual.
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