History of the transactions in Scotland, in the years 1715-16, and 1745-46, Volumen2

George Charles, Alloa, 1817 - 503 páginas

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Página 73 - Charles, Prince of Wales, &c. ; Regent of the kingdoms of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto belonging.
Página 334 - The Macdonald officers said, and Macdonald of Morar (eldest cadet of Clanronald) has left it in writing, that their men were affronted at being deprived of the right (the post of honour), which the Macdonalds had at the battles of Preston and Falkirk, and have had, they say, from time immemorial. The Duke of Perth, in the battle of Culloden, stood at the head of the Glengary regiment ; and hearing the men murmur (for they murmured aloud), said to them, that if the Macdonalds behaved with their usual...
Página 470 - And what do you think, my lord, I should do with him ? ' " Lord Holdernesse owned that he was puzzled how to reply ; for, if he declared his real sentiments, they might savour of indifference to the royal family. The king perceived his embarrassment, and extricated him from it by adding, ' My lord, I shall just do nothing at all; and when he is tired of England, he will go abroad again.
Página 88 - The fears of the nation from the powers of France and Spain, appear still more vain and groundless; my expedition was. undertaken unsupported by\ either. But indeed when I see a foreign force brought by my enemies against me, and when I...
Página 145 - Charles, notwithstanding this formidable opposition, determined to proceed. He had received assurances from France, that a considerable body of troops would be landed on the southern coast of Britain, to make a diversion in his favour ; and...
Página 144 - ... days march of the capital. Alarmed by these considerations, they prognosticated their own ruin in the approaching revolution : and their countenances exhibited the plainest marks of horror and despair. On the other hand, the jacobites were elevated to an insolence of hope, which they were at no pains to conceal; while many people who had no private property to lose, and thought no change would be for the worse, waited the issue of this crisis with the most calm indifference.
Página 106 - October, his majesty gave them to understand, that an unnatural rebellion had broke out in Scotland, towards the suppression of which he craved their advice and assistance. He found both houses cordial in their addresses, and zealous in their attachment to his person and government.
Página 39 - ... time after : we therefore esteem it for our service, and the good of our kingdoms and dominions, to nominate and appoint, as we hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint our dearest son Charles, prince of Wales, to be sole regent of our kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of all our other dominions, during our absence.
Página 377 - I have sent your daughter from this country, lest she should be any way frightened with the troops lying here. She has got one Betty Burke, an Irish girl, who, as she tells me, is a good spinster. If her spinning pleases you, you may keep her till she spins all your lint ; or, if you have any wool to spin, you may employ her.
Página 12 - Their design was to sail round Ireland, and land in the western part of Scotland ; but falling in with the Lion, an English ship of the line, a very obstinate and bloody action ensued. The Elizabeth was so disabled that she could not prosecute the voyage, and with difficulty reached the harbour...

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