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Yet loath and weeping doth he stand,

Led by Thy guiding hand,
To take from Thee the pastor's crown,

And terrible renown.
Well taught the dangers that surround

That high and heavenly ground,
Beneath the absorbing cares to groan,

Of all men but his own.

fervent love unquiet made.
On every need of aid,
To his dear flock he instant flies

On wings of charities;
And while his words the faith reveal,

His actions set the seal,
God's house is fragrant with the breath

Of CHRIST's life-giving death.
The lame man's staff, the blind man's sight,

The sinner's guiding light.
A Father, prompt to hear each call,

And all things made to all !
Pastor of pastors, Who didst bleed

With Thee Thy flock to feed,
May we Thy pastures evermore

Attain by Thee the door.

Commemoration of Dust Men, &c. " I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of Heaven." 167. Be not afraid, ye little flock,

Though poor and profitless your lives, Let not

distrust your sorrows mock, A FATHER's love the kingdom gives. Lo, now there reigns among the blest,

Who once was like yourselves below,

By self-abasement and unrest

CHRIST's wisdom taught in school of woe. In penitence his soul to save

He fixed his eyes on Him before Where, through life's dim and shadowy cave,

His LORD the bleeding burden bore.
Upon his lips did love preside

Or silence sit with charity :
In lap of want he loved to hide

What he would to himself deny.
His food it was the Heavenly word;

He searched the Book of Truth and Love, Till watchful prayer would wings afford,

And he would be with them above. This is the narrow way to heaven,

O holy Godhead, holy Three, The Three in One, to us be given,

Thus by this way to come to Thee.

“ Hearken, o daughter, and consider: incline thine ear: forget also thine own people, and thy father's house." 168. REGARD our vows with gracious eye, ,

O JESUS! Crown of purity;
Son of that chosen Woman, who
Was virgin chaste, and mother too.
Midst lilies Thou dost love to be ;
Pure virgins round Thy throne we see,
O Glorious Bridegroom, Who dost bless
Thy brides with endless happiness.
Which way soe'er Thy course doth bend,
Chaste virgins on Thy steps attend;
Who following the LAMB do raise
Their notes in sweetest hymns of praise.
Hear us, O God of charity!
From impure passions set us free ;
Our frailties help, our vice control,
And bend our senses to the soul.

To Jesus from a Virgin sprung,
Be glory given and praises sung,
The same to God the FATHER be,
And HOLY GHOST, eternally.

“ Blessed are they that shall be called to the Marriage Supper of the LAMB.”

169. To the LAMB's festival

God doth His people call ;
Blest she who hears that nuptial song,

And sits those guests among.
Love is her bridal tie,

Her dower is poverty;
Mid earthly clouds she heavenward springs,

And treads on human things.
Stern hardihood she wears,

And penitential tears,
With fasting girt, as with a zone,

Her heavenly race to run.
Unto the Crucified

She looks like faithful bride,
Prepar’d, where'er He leads the way,

To suffer and obey.
Blest they, whom God above

Doth bind with cords of love:
Them shall the Heavenly Bridegroom own,

In soul and body one.
This union grant to me

Thrice Holy, One and Three:
Ye fill the universe so wide,

But with the meek abide !


Feast of the Dedication of a Church. I saw the Holy City, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” 170. BLESSED City, heavenly Salem,

Vision dear of peace and love,
Who, of living stones upbuilded,

Art the joy of heaven above :
And, with angel cohorts circled,

As a Bride to earth dost move :
From celestial realms descending,

Ready for the nuptial bed,
To His presence decked with jewels,

By her LORD shall she be led :
All her streets and all her bulwarks

Of pure gold are fashioned.
Bright with pearls her portal glitters :

It is open evermore :
And by virtue of His merits

Thither faithful souls may soar,
Who, for CHRIST's dear Name, in this world

Pain and tribulation bore.
Many a blow and biting sculpture

Polished well those stones elect,
In their places now compacted

By the heavenly Architect;
Who therewith hath willed for ever

That His palace should be decked.
CHRIST is made the sure Foundation,

And the precious Corner-stone;
Who, the two-fold walls surmounting

Binds them closely into one ;
Holy Sion's help for ever,

And her confidence alone.
All that dedicated City
Dearly loved by God on high,


In exultant jubilation

Pours perpetual melody:
God the One, and God the Trinal

Singing everlastingly.
To this temple, where we call Thee,

Come, O LORD of Hosts, to-day !
With Thy wonted loving-kindness

Hear l'hy servants as they pray:
And Thy fullest benedictions

Shed within these walls for aye.
Here vouchsafe to all thy servants

That they supplicate to gain :
Here to have and hold for ever

Those good things their prayers obtain ;
And hereafter, in Thy glory,

With Thy blessed ones to reign.
Laud and honour to the FATHER,

Laud and honour to the Son,
Laud and honour to the SPIRIT,

Ever Three and ever One:
Consubstantial, co-eternal,

While unending ages run.


“Surely the LORD is in this place ..

.... How dreadful is this
place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the
gate of Heaven."
171. O Word of God above,

Who fillest all in all,
Hallow this house with Thy sure love,

And bless our Festival.
Grace in this Font is stored

To cleanse each guilty child,
The Spirit's blest anointing poured

Brightens the once-defiled.
Here CHRIST, of His own Blood

Himself the Chalice gives,
And feeds His own with Angels' Food

On which the spirit lives.

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