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For these, for all Thy saints Thy Name

We laud, and pray that we,
Strong in Thy strength may follow them,

As they have followed Thee.

Commemoration of Apostles. Their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world." 155 THE LORD's eternal gifts,

The Apostles' mighty praise,
Their victories and high reward,

Sing we in joyful lays.
Lords of the churches they;

Triumphant chiefs of war,
Brave soldiers of the Heavenly court,

True lights for evermore.
Theirs was the Saints' high faith,

And quenchless hope's pure glow,
And perfect charity, which laid

The world's fell tyrant low.
In them the FATHER shone,

In them the Son o'ercame,
In them the HOLY SPIRIT wrought,

And filled their hearts with flame.
To God the FATHER, Son,

And SPIRIT, glory be ;
As was, and is, and shall be so,

Through all eternity.

Who maketh the clouds His chariot and walketh upon the wings of the wind ; He maketh His angels spirits, and His mi. nisters a flaming fire.” 156.


And Judge of the earth,
Who choosest for Thine

The weak and the poor;

To frail earthen vessels

And things of no worth, Entrusting T'hy riches

Which aye shall endure: Those vessels soon fail,

Though full of Thy light, They at Thy decree

Are broken and gone ; Then brightly appeareth

The Arm of Thy might, As through the clouds breaking

The lightnings have shone. Like clouds are they borne

To do Thy great will, And swift as the wind

About the world go; All full of Thy Godhead

While earth lieth still,
They thunder, they lighten,

The waters o'erflow.
They thunder-their sound

It is CHRIST the LORD!
Then Satan doth fear,

His citadels fall!
As when the dread trumpets

Went forth at Thy word,
And one long blast shattered

The Canaanite's wall. O loud be Thy trump,

And stirring the sound To rouse us, O LORD,

From sin's deadly sleep; May lights which Thou kindlest

In darkness around, The dull soul awaken

Her vigils to keep. All glory to Thee

Who art hid from sight,

Yet fillest with love

The vast infinite;
And for us revealed

As One, and yet Three,
Dost call us from darkness

Thy glory to see.

O worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness, let the whole earth stand in awe of Him.

Tell it out among the heathen that the LORD is King."

157. YE captains of a Heavenly host,

Ye princes of a Heavenly hall,
Stars of the world in darkness lost,

And judges at its funeral.
Lights rising o'er a wintry night

With tidings of eternal youth,
On error's long-bewildered sight,

Emerging with the lamp of truth.
Captains—but not of spear and shield,

No rebel hosts with steel to tame,
No arms of eloquence to wield,

Nought but the lowly cross of shame.
The chain is riven, and broke the rod,

The world's long stern captivity,
And we are free to serve our God,

Whose yoke alone is liberty.
To distant lands His heralds fleet,

By God's mysterious presence led ;
How beauteous are their passing feet,

Like morn upon the mountains spread.

All glory be as was of old,
Who calleth us in darkness lost,

His saying glory to behold.


Commemoration of Evangelists. “ Behold upon the mountains the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace.” 158. CHRIST's everlasting messengers,

Who from the opening skies,
Traverse the earth in showers of light,

And sow with mysteries ;
The things discerned by seers of old

Behind the shadowy screen,
In noon-day clear have ye beheld

With not a veil between.
The things which God as man hath borne,

Which man as God hath done,
Ye write, as God inspires, to all

Who see the circling sun.
Though far in space and time apart,

One Spirit sways you all ;
And we in those blest characters

Hear now that living call.
Glory to God, the Three in One!

All glory be to Thee,
Who from our darkness callest us

Thy wondrous light to see.

Commemoration of Apostles and Evangelists

in the Paschal Season. And ye now therefore have sorrow : but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.' 159. The Apostles wept with hearts forlorn

The Bridegroom to the burial borne,
Whom with that death of blood and pain
His servants' wicked hands had slain.
Yet had the weeping Marys heard
The angel's sure and welcome word,

“ The LORD, His own full speedily
Will visit with heart-gladdening eye.”
E'en now as fast they bear along
The tidings to the downcast throng,
Lo, Jesus' glistening form they meet
And run to clasp their SAVIOUR's Feet.
Swift to the Galilæan height
The Apostles speed their eager flight,
And of their heart's desire possess'd,
With Jesus' kindly light are blest.
O, JESU blest, to every breast

Unceasing Paschal gladness be;
From blasting breath of sin and death

The new-born sons of life set free.
FATHER, to Thee all glory be,

And Son, Who from the dead art raised,
And SPIRIT blest, with Both confest,

One God, through endless ages praised.

“And with great power gave'the Apostles witness of the re. suurrection of the LORD JESUS : and great peace was upon them all."

160. Now daily shines the sun more fair,

Recalling that blest time,
When CHRIST on His Apostles shone,

In radiant light sublime.
They in His Body see His Wounds

Like stars divinely glow;
Then forth, as His true witnesses,

Throughout the world they go.
O CHRIST! Thou King most merciful !

Our inmost hearts possess ;
So may we with due songs of praise

Thy Name for ever bless.
Keep us, O JESU, from the death

Of sin ; and deign to be
The everlasting Paschal joy

Of all new-born in Thee.

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