Education in Its Relation to Manual Industry

D. Appleton, 1884 - 393 páginas

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Página 263 - Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates, and men decay : Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade ; A breath can make them, as a breath has made ;w But a bold peasantry, their country's pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied.
Página 395 - WILL •*-** S. MONROE, AB, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, State Normal School, Westfield, Mass. $2.00. This book will prove of great use to normal schools, training schools for teachers, and to educational lecturers and all special students seeking to acquaint themselves with the literature of any particular department.
Página 398 - The series will be a welcome one. There are few writings on the more abstruse problems of science better adapted to reading by the general public, and in this form the books will be well in the reach of the investigator. . . . The revisions are the last expected to be made by the author, and his introductions are none of earlier date than a few months ago [1893!, so they may be considered his final and most authoritative utterances.
Página 397 - What is Electricity ? satisfactorily, he has explained in a popular way the electro-magnetic theory of light and heat, and the subject of periodic currents and electric waves, seeking an answer for his titular question in the study of the transformations of energy and a consideration of the hypotheses of movements in the ether.
Página 399 - The fifth volume in the International Scientific Series. I2mo. Cloth, $1.50. CONTENTS : Our need of it. Is there a Social Science ? Nature of the Social Science. Difficulties of the Social Science. Objective Difficulties. Subjective Difficulties, Intellectual. Subjective Difficulties, Emotional. The Educational Bias. The Bias of Patriotism. The Class Bias. The Political Bias. The Theological Bias. Discipline. Preparation in Biology. Preparation in Psychology. Conclusion. INADEQUACY OF "NATURAL SELECTION.
Página 400 - Cloth, $4.00. Impelled solely by an enthusiastic love of Nature, and neither asking; nor receiving outside aid, these early workers opened the way and initiated the movement through which American science has reached its present commanding position. This book gives some account of these men, their early struggles, their scientific labors, and, whenever possible, something of their personal characteristics. This information, often very difficult to obtain, has been collected from a great variety of...
Página 159 - Any city or town may, and every city and town having more than ten thousand inhabitants shall, annually make provision for giving free instruction in industrial or mechanical drawing to persons over fifteen years of age, either in day or evening schools, under the direction of the school committee.
Página 69 - He is kept upon such work as will profit his employer, who thus protects himself. If the apprentice should be thoroughly taught all branches in the shortest time, he would be likely to leave as soon as he could do better, letting his employer suffer the loss of time devoted to his instruction. "Now, it appears like throwing away two or three years of one's life to attain a knowledge of any business that can be acquired in the short space of twelve or thirteen days by a proper course of instruction.
Página 397 - Translated by Eric Pritchard, MA With 200 Illustrations. No. 73, International Scientific Series. I2mo. Cloth, $1.75. The present work describes the methods employed in the extended development of photography of moving objects attained in the last few years, and shows the importance of such researches in mechanics and other departments of physics, the fine arts, physiology, and zoology, and in regulating the walking or marching of men and the gait of horses.
Página 396 - OMAN'S SHARE IN PRIMITIVE CULTURE* By OTIS TUFTON MASON, AM, Curator of the Department of Ethnology in the United States National Museum. With numerous Illustrations. I2mo. Cloth, $1.75. " A most interesting resume" of the revelations which science has made concerning the habits of human beings in primitive times, and especially as to the place, the duties, and the customs of women.

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