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The insect fossil fauna is represented by twentythree species.

Of the nine families of the Coleoptera the list contains :

2 Carabus.
1 Dytiscidæ.
1 Sylphidæ.
1 Hydrophilidæ.
2 Elateridæ.
1 Serropalpæ.
2 Donacidæ.
2 Chrysomelidæ.
4 Curculionidæ.

Of the Orthoptera, Blatta hyperborea is the sole representative.

Of the Hymenoptera there are two species.

Of the Marine fauna in the Miocene period we have :

1. Terebratula grandis.
2. Dentalium incrassatum.
3. Dentalium spec.
4. Pecten spec.
5. Corbula Henkelinsi.
6. Corbula spec.
7. Ostrea spec.
8. Perna spec.
9. Turbo sp. ?
10. Buccinum sp.
11. Natica Phasianella.

Of the Bryozoa, a new species, Lunulites, has been added to the list of this interesting and little underThe list of existing plants found in Spitzbergen at present is a short one: amongst them will be found:

stood group

Taraxacum officinale.
Ranunculus, (1) sulphureus, (2) pygmæus, and (3) hyperboreus.
Papaver nudicaule.
Cardamine pratensis.
Arabis alpina.
Draba alpina, leptopetala, corymbosa.
Cochlearia fenestrata.
Silene acaulis.
Cerastium alpinum.
Sagina nivalis.
Saxifraga nivalis, and 6 others.
Chrysospleniunı tetrandrum.
Rhodiola rosea.
Rhododendron lapponicum.
Polygonum viviparum.
Oxyria digyna.
Salix polaris and herbacea.
Juncus biglumis.
Luzula arcuata.
Festuca rubra.
Poa cenisia.
Catabrosa algida.
Glyceria vilfoidea.
Aira alpina.
Calamagrostis neglecta, and
Equisetum arvense.

Of the Birds seen we observed specimens of

Tringa maritima.
Larus glaucus.
Lestris parasitica.
Procellaria glacialis.
Mergulus alba.
Uria Brunnichii and Grylle.
Fuligula spectabilis and mollissima.

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There are no Coleoptera in Spitzbergen, while twentyone specimens are recorded as found in Greenland.

Of Hymenoptera there are thirteen, and only three have been noticed in Greenland. Then in the latter country, Lepidoptera are abundant, twenty-six being described, while but one specimen has as yet rewarded the student whose investigations have led him to the far north. Of the Diptera, however, there are fortynine in Spitzbergen, and further west only twenty-six. And no Hemiptera as against four Greenland species.




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