Report [for the Year Ending Dec. 31].


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Página 10 - All further necessary information as to the work of the department during the past year will be found in the accompanying report of our superintendent.
Página 99 - ... practically at the beginning of the present year, but complete observations were not begun until the latter part of February. It is advisable, in the opinion of the Board, to continue the experiments at least until that time, in order that observations for a full year may be available; If, in the mean time, new conditions should arise not previously met with during these investigations, it may be desirable to continue them for a longer time.
Página 87 - Accepted and ordered made a part of the report of the Board to the City Council.
Página 98 - Your communication relative to the further continuance of the experiments upon the filtration of water at Ludlow has been referred to the Board, and, after a general consideration of the results of the investigations thus far and of the character of the water of the Ludlow reservoir during the present year, as compared with its character in previous years, it is deemed desirable by the Board that the present investigations should be carried on, at least until they have covered a full year. The investigations...
Página 18 - Indian Leap";— thence under tracks of railroad, and south of same to Main st., IO, just east of Cedar st.: — thence in Main st..
Página 26 - The table which follows shows the amount of rain and melted snow in inches, as registered at...
Página 26 - Si/es from $ to 6 inches. 18. Extended during year (in feet). Ï NOTE. — Services paid for en19. Discontinued during year (in feet). ;- tirely by the consumers, and uo '¿0.
Página 19 - The following statement shows the number of fines and penalties (of $2 each) due, charged, collected, abated and uncollected during 1899, the number charged being also the number of premises ordered shut off to enforce payment of same.

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