Journal of the Institute of Actuaries and Assurance Magazine, Volumen14

Charles & Edwin Layton, 1869

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Página 355 - The Anti-logarithmic Canon. Being a Table of Numbers, Consisting of Eleven Places of Figures corresponding to all Logarithms under 100000.
Página 48 - Any person or corporation now being or hereafter becoming entitled, by assignment or other derivative title, to a policy of life assurance, and possessing at the time of action brought the right in equity to receive and the right to give an effectual discharge to the assurance company liable under such policy for monies thereby assured or secured, shall be at liberty to sue at law in the name of such person or corporation to recover such monies.
Página 48 - ... assured or secured thereby, until a written notice of the date and purport of such assignment shall have been given to the assurance company liable under such policy at their principal place of business for the time being, or in case they have two or more principal places of business then at some one of such principal places of business, either in England or Scotland or Ireland ; and the date on which such notice shall be received shall regulate the priority of all claims under any assignment...
Página 251 - Report of John Finlaison, Actuary of the national debt, on the evidence and elementary facts on 'which the tables of life annuities are founded, pp 16, 66-7, HC 1829 (122), iii, 287.
Página 153 - The logarithm of a product is equal to the sum of the logarithms of its factors.
Página 48 - ... or to the effect set forth in the schedule hereto. 3. For the purposes and in the construction of this Act, the term " policy of insurance " or "policy " shall mean any instrument by which the payment of money is assured or secured on the happening of any of the contingencies named or contemplated in the instrument of assurance known as
Página 384 - ... with the amount now reserved as the present value of the policy. The difference between the sum of his credits and the sum of his debits determines the overpayment or contribution from the policy proper.
Página 108 - The cube roots of the densities of the planets are as the square roots of their periods of rotation. The...
Página 474 - In cases of insurance a party is required not only to state all matters within his knowledge, which he believes to be material to the question of the insurance, but all which in point of fact are so. If he conceals anything that he knows to be material, it is a fraud ; but besides that, if he conceals anything that may influence the rate of premium which the underwriter may require, although he does not know that it would have that effect, such concealment entirely vitiates the policy.

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