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Página 329 - Every year thousands undergo this operation, and the French Ambassador pleasantly says that they take the smallpox here by way of diversion, as they take waters in other countries.
Página 166 - English disease, as it was formerly called. Not one child ought to die from rickets itself, and death from its consequences ought to be extremely rare ; and yet the mortality from rickets, from diseases which would not occur but for the pre-existing rickets, and from diseases which would be trifling but for the coexistence of rickets, is enormous.
Página 1 - something about the tissues of the body, their structure and uses, the circulation of the blood, respiration, chemical changes in the air respired, amount breathed, digestion, nature of food, absorption, secretion, structure of the nervous system, — in fact, be
Página 18 - in a groove on the inner side of the head of the ulna. The lower end of the radius is much larger than the upper
Página 1 - something of how their own bodies are made, and how they work ? Teaching of this kind ought to, and will, in some more civilised age and country, be held a necessary element in the school course of every child, just as necessary as reading, writing, and arithmetic ; for it is, after all, the most necessary branch of that ' technical education ' of which we hear so much just now, namely, the
Página 136 - the rays of light are brought to a focus in front of the retina, and
Página 326 - Here is what Alexander Mackenzie says of the disease as it attacked the North American Indians. It was as a fire consuming the dry grass of the field. The infection spread with a rapidity which no flight could escape, and with a fatal effect which nothing could resist. ' It destroyed with its pestilential breath whole families and tribes.' After picturing the scene presented by the dead and dying, and the putrid
Página 80 - are the bile from the liver, and the pancreatic juice from the pancreas or sweetbread. The
Página 343 - a law was passed making the vaccination of infants, and the re-vaccination of children of riper years, compulsory throughout the whole of the German Empire.
Página 43 - glands are more numerous in some parts of the body than in others ; there

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