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the safety of Lorenso. Every possible method was devised to brand with infamy the perpetrators of the deed. By a public decreo, the name and arms of the Pazzi were ordered to be for ever suppressed. The appellations of such places in the city as were derived from that family were directed to be changed. All persons contracting marriage with the descendants of Andrea de Pazzi were declared ammoniti *), and prohibited from all offices and dignities in the republic. The ancient ceremony of conducting annually the sacred fire from the church of S. Giovanni to the house of the Pazzi was abolished, and a new method was adopted of continuing this popular susperstition. Andrea dal Castagao was employed, at the public expense, to represent the persons of the traitors on the walls of the palace, in execution of which he obtained great applause, although the figures, as a mark of infamy, were suspended by the feet. On the other hand the skill of the Florentine artists was. exerted in soothing the feelings, and gratifying the curiosity of the public, by perpetuating the remembrance of the dangers which Lorenzo had escaped. By the assistance of Andrea Verucchio, Orsini, a celebraled modeller in wax, formed three figures as large as the life, which bore the most perfect resemblance of the person and features of Lorenzo, and which were placed in different churches of the territory of Florence. One of these represented him in the dress which he wore when he received the wound, and as he appeared to the populace at the window of his palace. A more lasting memorial was devised by Antonio Pollajuoli, who struck a medal on this occasion, exhibiting in the ancient: thoir of the Reparata, the assassination of Giuliano, and the attack made upon Lorenzo. In this medal, the conspirators are all represented naked, not merely for the purpose of displaying the knowledge of the artist in the human figure, in which he excelled all his contemporaries, but as some bave conjectured, as being characteristic of the flagitious act in which they were engaged.

*) d. h. Verwiesene.

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