Cyropædia; or, The institution of Cyrus, tr. by the hon. M. Ashley


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Página 14 - Thus, the proposition, that the three angles of a triangle are not equal to two right angles...
Página 263 - I think that we both lie under great obligations to Cyrus that, when I was a captive and chosen out for himself, he thought fit to treat me neither as a slave nor indeed as a woman of mean account, but he took and kept me for you as if I were his brother's wife. Besides when Araspes who was my guard went away from him, I promised him that if he would allow me to send for you, you would come to him, and approve yourself a much better and more faithful friend than Araspes.
Página 283 - Egyptians' compact body. His wife is now said to have taken up his dead body, to have placed it in the carriage that she herself was conveyed in, and to have brought it hither, to some place...
Página 263 - He wondered when he saw them, and inquired thus of Panthea : ' And have you made me these arms, woman, by destroying your own ornaments ? ' ' No, by Jove ! ' said Panthea, ' not what is the most valuable of them ; for it is you, if you appear to others to be what I think you, that will be my- greatest ornament.
Página 244 - ... husband, I engage that there will come to you one who will be a much more faithful friend to you than Araspes. I know that he will attend you with all the force that he is able ; for the father of the prince that now reigns was his friend, but he who at present reigns attempted once to part us from each other ; and reckoning him, therefore, an unjust man, I know that he would joyfully revolt from him to such a man as you are.
Página 284 - Gobryas to take with them all the rich ornaments proper for a friend and an excellent man deceased, and to follow after him; and whoever had herds of cattle with him, he ordered them to take both oxen, and horses, and sheep in good number, and to bring them away to the place where, by inquiry, they should find him to be, that he might sacrifice these to Abradatus.
Página 285 - The nurse, after having repeatedly begged her not to do this, and meeting with no success, but observing her to grow angry, sat herself down, breaking out into tears. She, being before-hand provided with a sword, killed herself, and, laying her head down on her husband's breast, she died. The nurse set up a lamentable cry, and covered them both as Panthea had directed. " Cyrus, as soon as he was informed of what the woman had done, being struck with it, went to help her if he could. The servants...
Página 284 - Cyrus, shedding tears for some time in silence, then spoke: 'He has died, woman, the noblest death; for he has died victorious! Do you adorn him with these things that I furnish you with.' (Gobryas and Gadatas were then come up, and had brought rich ornaments in great abundance with them.) 'Then...
Página 263 - I am such an one; what need I therefore speak of things in particular? for I reckon that my actions have convinced you more than any words I can now use. And yet, though I stand thus affected...
Página 292 - Babylonians drank and revelled the whole night; upon that occasion, as- soon as it grew dark, took a number of men with him, and opened the ditches into the river. When this was done, the water run off in the night by the ditches, and the passage of the river through the city became passable.

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