The History of Pittsfield (Berkshire County), Massachusetts: From the year 1734 to the year 1800

Lee and Shepard, 1869

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Página 281 - How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth...
Página 465 - This Indented Bill of Ten Shillings, due from the Massachusetts Colony to the Possessor, shall be in value equal to Money, and shall be accordingly accepted by the Treasurer and Receivers subordinate to him in all Publick Payments, and for any Stock at any time in the Treasury Boston in New England, December the 10'.h 1690. By Order of the General Court.
Página 169 - That I will bear faith and true allegiance to His Majesty King George and him will defend to the utmost of my power against all traitorous conspiracies and attempts whatsoever which shall be made against his person crown or dignity. And I will do my utmost endeavour to disclose and make known to his Majesty and his successors all treasons and traitorous conspiracies which I shall know to be against him or any of them.
Página 378 - You shall well and truly try, and true deliverance make, between the State of Florida and the prisoner at the bar whom you shall have in charge, according to the evidence. So help you God.
Página 327 - Hampshire to call a full and free representation of the people, and that the representatives, if they think it necessary, establish such a form of government as, in their judgment, will best produce the happiness of the people, and most effectually secure peace and good order in the province, during the continuance of the present dispute between Great Britain and the colonies.
Página 66 - Town be laid out into sixty-three equal shares, one of which to be for the first settled Minister, one for the Ministry, and one for the School...
Página 169 - ... is and stands limited to the princess Sophia, electress and duchess dowager of Hanover, and the heirs of her body, being protestants. And all these things I do plainly and sincerely acknowledge and swear, according to these express words by me spoken, and according to the plain and common sense and understanding of the same words, without any equivocation, mental evasion, or secret reservation whatsoever.
Página 199 - ... cause the truth of the case to be published in the Gazette, to the end that all such foes to the rights of British America may be publicly known, and universally contemned as the enemies of American liberty ; and thenceforth we respectively will break off" all dealings with him or her.
Página xiv - Show me a man who cares no more for one place than another, and I will show you in that same person one who loves nothing but himself. Beware of those who are homeless by choice : you have no hold on a human being whose affections are without a tap-root.
Página 303 - This is a pretty just account Of Burgoyne's legions whole amount, Who came across the Northern Lakes To desolate our happy States. Their brass cannons we have got all — Fifty-six — both great and small; And ten thousand stand of arms, To prevent all future harms; Stores and implements complete, Of workmanship exceeding neat; Covered wagons in great plenty, And proper harness, no way scanty.

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