Forms of Feeling: The Heart of Psychotherapy

Routledge, 2013 M08 21 - 336 páginas
First published in 1985. This book is aimed at readers who wish to learn how to engage in psychotherapy: for beginners, for experienced practitioners, for disciplined research workers, as for the author, the word 'psychotherapy' has a very broad meaning. The author describes this as an 'autobiography': the development of ideas, attitudes, and meanings which have arisen and been transformed through joy, sorrow, chaos, and relative tranquillity in a journey of forty years through the world of academic psychiatry, of analytical psychotherapy, of scientific research, and of life in a therapeutic community. To a large extent this book is an expression of individual experience.


Book I The True Voice of Feeling
Book II The Minute Particulars
Book III The Heart of a Psychotherapist
A Note on Sources References and Further Reading

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Robert F. Hobson

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