The Entail: Or, The Lairds of Grippy, Volumen2

W. Blackwood, 1823

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Página 102 - Hush!' exclaimed the Doctor — all was silent, and every eye turned on the patient, whose countenance was again hideously convulsed ; — a troubled groan struggled and heaved for a moment in his breast, and was followed by short quivering through his whole frame. " ' It is all over !' said the Doctor. At these words the Leddy rushed towards the...
Página 265 - Na, na, Beenie, ye're an instrument in the hands o' Providence to bring aboot a great blessing to your family ; and I would be as daft as your uncle Watty, when he gaed out to shoot the flees, were I to set mysel an adversary to such a righteous ordinance — so you maun just mak up your mind to conform. My word, but ye're weel aff to be married in your teens — I was past thirty before man speer't my price.
Página 204 - I sat beside her three days and three nights, watching her a' the time, never lifting my een frae her face, that was as sweet to look on as a gowan in a lown May morning. But, I...
Página 72 - I stiffled the very sense o' loving kindness within me ; and in furtherance of my wicked avarice, I married a woman — Heaven may forgie the aversion I had to her ; but my own nature never can." Dr Denholm held up his hands, and contemplated in silence the humbled and prostrate spirit that was thus proceeding with the frightful confession of its own baseness and depravity.
Página 101 - ... pen and ink, when a dying man is at his last gasp.? " "Mrs. Walkinshaw, for Heaven's sake be quiet; your gudeman," replied Mr. Keelevin, opening the hood of his trotcosey and throwing it back, taking off at the same time his cocked hat— " your gudeman kens very weel what I hae read to him. It's a provision for Mrs. Charles and her orphans.
Página 199 - Well, I must confess you are a devilish clever fellow." " Mair sae, I'm thinking, than ye thought, sir. But noo, since," continued Walter, " ye hae speer't sae many questions at me, will ye answer one yoursel' ? " " Oh, I can have no possible objection to do that, Mr. Walkinshaw." "Then," said Walter, "how muckle are ye to get frae my brother for this job ? " Again the court was convulsed, and the questioner again disconcerted. " I suspect, brother Threeper," said the sheriff, " that you are in the...
Página 196 - I'm here. I wouldna' hae been here but for that." " Then you do not think you are a daft man? " " Nobody thinb himsel' daft. I daresay ye think ye're just as wise as me." A roar of laughter shook the court, and Threeper blushed and was disconcerted ; but he soon resumed tartly : " Upon my word, Mr Walkinshaw, you have a good opinion of yourself. I should like to know for what reason." " That's a droll question to speer at a man," said Walter ; " a poll-parrot thinks weel o' itsel', which is but a...
Página 209 - ... But," interrupted Mrs Milrookit, glancing compassionately towards her sister-in-law, " I think, since so little change is to be made, that ye might just as weel let Bell and her bairns bide wi' you, for my grandmother's income is little enough for her ain wants, now that she's in a manner bedrid." " It's easy for you, Meg, to speak...
Página 205 - I saw, wi' the eye o' my heart, that my brother's wee Mary was grown my wee Betty Bodle, and so I gaed and brought her hame in my arms, and she is noo my dochter. But my mother has gaen on at me like a randy ever sin' syne, and wants me to put away my ain bairn, which I will never, never do. No, sir, I'll stand by her, and guard her, though fifty mothers, and fifty times fifty brother Geordies were to flyte at me frae morning to night.
Página 203 - Keelevin,' said Walter, helplessly, as he looked towards his disconsolate agent. 'May I no come away?' The honest lawyer gave a deep sigh ; to which all the spectators sympathisingly responded. 'Mr Walkinshaw,' said the Sheriff, 'don't be alarmed — we are all friendly disposed towards you ; but it is necessary, for the satisfaction of the jury, that you should tell us what you think respecting the child that lives with you.

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