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Resolved, That in the “Honesty, Industry and Sobriety' of his character as a workingman, we feel our lamented President was especially dear to us. Sprung from an humble, though respectable parentage, he rose, by his indomitable will and unassisted perseverance, from the humble calling of railsplitter and boatman, to the highest position in the gift of the American people—the peer of the most noted statesman of his time, thus illustrating the moral dignity of labor, and forming for us as members of the Order of United American Mechanics, a worthy and illustrious exemplar.

Resolved, That this foul and dastardly murder, instigated by Southern traitors, should intensify our hatred to treason, and should call upon the proper authorities to mete out the utmost penalties of the law, to those guilty of the same; that we will stigmatize any and all in our midst who sympathize with them in any way or form, as traitors at heart, unfit to enjoy the blessings of freedom, or to possess the proud name of an American Citizen. “Is there not some chosen curse, some hidden thunder in the stores of heaven, red with uncommon wrath, to blast the .man who owes his own greatness to his country's ruin?

Resolved, That we tender our sincere and heartfelt sympathy to his bereaved widow and children, commending them to Him who “tempers the wind to the shorn lamb," and praying that · He will alleviate their anguish, and give them consolation from on high.

Resolved, That in order to show our appreciation of his memory, our Council Chamber be draped in mourning for the period of six months.


WM. M. Shultz.

J. R. Bercaw, C. T. F. HAMMAN, R. S.


No. 14, 0. of U. A. M.

“HONOR THE MIGHTY DEAD.“OUR loss is His eternal gain." At a meeting of Hand-in-Hand Council, No. 14, Order of United American Mechanics, held on Monday Evening, May 1st, 1865, the following Preamble and Resolutions were unanimously adopted:

WHEREAS, In the Providence of God, ABRAIAM LINCOLN, President of the United States, has been removed from us by death, and that death caused by the hand of the midnight assassin, we, with all loyal people everywhere, mourn his loss. But, while we mourn, let us remember, that, though dead, he yet liveth ;

Therefore, be it

Resolved, That the tremendous blow which has fallen on the nation fills our hearts with dismay; and a crime for which our country has no name, and which startles every citizen with its magnitude and atrocity, has been committed ; tending to loosen the bonds of society and abolish individual safety.

Resolved, That, while we feel our hearts stricken with profound sorrow, we rest in confident assurance that God doeth all things well, and will still have our beloved country in His holy keeping, and so order this appalling calamity, that new born generations will see His goodness even in the terrible event which he, for wise but inscrutable purposes, has suffered to befall our nation.

Resolved, That we recognize in this atrocious deed the refined fruits of the vile spirit of the rebellion, and heartily express our hope that the Government will see to it, that the full measure of a righteous retribution be meted out to the instigators and accomplices of this deed of blood.

Resolved, That we greatly sympathize with the family of our much beloved and now deceased President in their deep affliction, prayerfully commending them to the God of all grace and comfort.

Resolved, Likewise, That we greatly sympathize with WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State, whose life has been so marrelously preserved from the strokes of the assassin, and humbly trust in the great Ruler of the Universe that he may be fully restored to health and to his country, which he has served with such pre-eminent ability.

Resolved, That, by our prayers and influence as citizens loyal to the Government, we will sustain our new President, ANDREW Johnson, so unexpectedly called to discharge the duties of his high office in the solemn crisis which our country is now passing through, humbly depending upon God that every vestige of this cursed rebellion may soon be blotted out of existence, and peace and prosperity once again crown our beloved country.



Chas. WIDDIS, R. S.


No. 15, 0. U. A. M.

We mourn for a leader, a ruler gone,

The nation's hope and glory,
A chosen guide from his people torn,

The honored in fame's proud story.

At a regular stated meeting of Fame Council, No. 15, 0. of U. A. M., the following Preamble and Resolutions were adopted :

WHEREAS, This Council has heard with profound sorrow of the dastardly assassination of our worthy and beloved Chief Magistrate, ABRAHAM LINCOLN ; and, whereas, we desire, as it becomes us, in common with our fellow-citizens, to give public expression to our feelings on an occasion, when, in the midst of joy as a loyal people, at the downfall of a wicked rebellion, and the prospect of a speedy peace, the whole nation finds itself plunged in unutterable gloom and sadness; and, whereas, We desire to express our utter abhorrence of the barbarous act which has deprived our country, in the midst of rejoicing, of its able leader and honored President, in whom we recognized “One of the noblest works of God,” an honest man; Therefore, be it

Resolved, That in the death of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, the American people are called upon to mourn the loss of an illustrious citizen, whose private virtues and public acts will remain for all time associated with those of the immortal WASHINGTON.

Resolved, That we mingle our sympathies and our sorrows with those of the people generally, in view of this bereavement, and express a deep sense of our individual and national loss in the removal from the Presidential chair, of him who was a friend to the

poor and enslaved, a strong advocate and defender of national unity, a generous and noble man, an enlightened statesman and Christian patriot ; whose memory we tenderly cherish, whose virtues we would imitate and commend, whose political course we heartily endorse as free from selfishness, marked with high integrity, and calculated to work out for the nation complete liberty and ultimate greatness.

Resolved, That while we unite our lamentations with the mourning wail of the nation, we do at the same time pledge ourselves anew to the service and the support of the Government whose Chief has thus, in a moment, been stricken down by the assassin.

Resolved, That while we mourn for the bereavement which death produces, and we see our cherished joys blasted and our beloved Chief laid low in the dust, we are instructed to look beyond the bounds of mortality to a period when the dead shall be raised to life, and friends shall meet to part no more forever.

Resolved, That we sympathize and condole with his afflicted family, and pray that Providence in His mercy may guide and protect them through life.





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