Year-book of Pharmacy

John Churchill & Sons, 1905
Includes the transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference at its 7th-64th annual meetings.

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Página 194 - ... MARKET CONDITIONS. Golden seal is a root the price of which has fluctuated widely, because of the alternate oversupply and scarcity, manipulation of the market, lack of demand, or other influences. High prices will cause the diggers to gather the root in abundance, thus overstocking the market, which the next season results in lower prices, at which diggers refuse to collect the root, thus again causing a shortage in the supply. Lack of demand usually brings about a shrinkage in price, even though...
Página 299 - Ib. of good quick-lime. Triturate the mixture with water until a smooth cream without lumps is obtained. Transfer this to a boiler capable of boiling 20 gallons, bring the volume of the cream to 20 gallons by the addition of water, boil and stir during half an hour. The liquid should now be of a dark red colour ; if yellowish, continue the boiling until the dark red colour is obtained, keeping the volume at 20 gallons. After the liquid...
Página 299 - Ibs. of finely-ground tobacco (offal tobacco) in 21 gallons of •.vater for four days. Strain off the liquid, and remove the last portions of the extract by pressing the residual tobacco. Mix the whole extract, and to it add 10 Ibs.
Página 319 - First, five to seven minutes' scrubbing with spirits of green soap and running hot water; second, three minutes' washing with alcohol; third, when the hands are thoroughly dried, the gutta-percha solution is poured over the hands and forearms, care being taken to fill in around and beneath the nails. The hands must be kept exposed to the air with the fingers separated until thoroughly drv.
Página 468 - In the present state of our ignorance it is better to use for clinical experiments the drug, the whole drug, and nothing but the drug. " Which would you rather have '( " asked a school inspector, " half an orange or eight-sixteenths of one ? " " Half,
Página 123 - ... 70°, the heating must be as brief as possible, the testing made promptly thereafter, and the reagents must be pure and colourless. Halphen's Method. — 100 cc of the filtered fat are dissolved in 300 cc of petroleum spirit and shaken out with 50 cc, of potassium hydroxide solution (0.5%). The water is drawn off, made distinctly acid with hydrochloric acid, and shaken out with 10 cc carbon tetrachloride. The latter is drawn off and part of it tested by adding 2 cc of a mixture of 1 part of crystallised...
Página 213 - ... wedge--shaped portion is situated a peculiar band of a pale yellow colour, which lies in contact with the stony envelope ; there is a small close-grained central column, consisting of cells containing starch; all parts of the wood are impregnated with yellow colouring matter freely soluble in water.
Página 299 - Ibs. of good soft soap, with gentle warming, in 3 quarts of liquid carbolic acid (containing not less than 97 per cent, of real tar acid). Mix the liquid with enough water to make 100 gallons. (3) Tobacco and Sulphur. — Steep 35 Ibs.

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