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My lady's shoe

Of golden or of varied hue.
3 To and again, backwards and forwards;

To and again, forwards and backwards.

Everything I possess, if you me can guess. 5 A coin and a plant, and a man of high rank.


" So oft hast thou echoed the deep sigh of sadness,

That even in mirth it will steal from thee still." 1

“O, she's warm! If this be magic, let it be an art

Lawful as eating.” 2

“I saw him stand
High on a heap of slain, from spur to plume

Red as the rising sun with heathen blood.” 3 “Redeemer of dark centuries of shame

The friend of Petrarch—hope of Italy."
4 “The pines of Mænalus, the vocal grove,

Are ever full of verse and full of love;
They hear the hinds, they hear their god complain,
Who suffer'd not the reeds to rise in vain."

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“ Beware! beware!
For who goes up that winding stair,

Can ne'er come down again.”
1 This stream “shall be to pitying hearts

A name more sad than Yarrow."


2 A king of Portugal.
3 “ Thou bring'st, gay creature as thou art,

A solemn image to my heart."


“ As this dark mould sends upwards, and out of its very heart, the rare Persian rose,--so does my

first spring out of my second,--and the darker


second the purer and brighter my first.” 1 “ Angel of life ! thy glittering wings explore

Earth's loneliest bounds, and ocean's wildest shore." 2 Now, while the way-worn cripple, faint

Scarce can move his limbs so weary ;Speeds o'er the main this northern saint,

To heal his pious votary. 3 "Nymph of a fair, but erring line." 4 “The traitor who hath dragg’d the majesty of mercy

into action."

“No habitant of earth, thou art

An unseen seraph,—we believe in thee."
While my second-o'ershadowing the heart,

Destroyeth, as the Upas tree.” 1 " While the heart rejoices

Let its rapture peal !”
2 “Light as any wind that blows,

So fleetly did she stir,
The flow'r she touched on, dipt and rose,

And turn'd to look at her."

3 “Sweet tenant of the shade."


“So day by day, she pass'd
In either twilight, ghost-like, to and fro
Gliding, and every day she tended him,
And likewise many a night."


“Silent and unstrung The minstrel harp is emblematic hung." 1

"Fancy's child Warbling his native wood-notes wild." 2 " Dark as winter was its flow." 3 A family celebrated in Italy during the middle ages. 4 “Cattle court the zephyrs bland,

Where the streamlet wanders coolOr, with languid silence stand

Midway in the watery pool.”


“On five low hills this city rose; no walls, No ramparts closed it round; its battlements And tow'rs of strength, were men, high-minded men.” “Great source of art and science! whose immortal


Stands foremost in the glorious roll of fame.” 1 "Rise, rise--and lift thy rosy head

From thy coral-paven bed,
And bridle in thy headlong wave,

Till thou our summons answer'd have." 2 “Oft in the stilly night,

Ere slumber's chain hath bound me, Fond mem'ry brings the light

Of other days around me.”

3 “The tree for nothing ill."
4 They played me then a bitter prank :

At length I play'd them one as frank;
For time at length sets all things even-
And if we do but watch the hour,
There never yet was human power
Which could evade, if unforgiven,
The patient search and vigil long
Of him who treasures up a wrong."

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5 Who trained “King Arthur up in virtuous lore ?”.


"Now perish, Troy !' he said, And rush'd to fight


“Where now shall I go, poor, forsaken, and blind ?

Can I find one to guide me, so faithful and kind ?” 1 Eternal monument of many a vanish'd name. 2 Sang ladye-love and war, romance and knightly


3 Dying-still watched the casement of his beloved



“ From leaf to leaf, conduct the virgin light,

Star of the earth, and diamond of the night.” 1 A pleasant sensation, a sign of health and happiness. 2 A well-known Pontiff. 3 A land, rich in rare and beautiful productions. 4 One of the Annelidæ.


6 Stitch-stitch-stitch. Seam-gusset and band,

Band, gusset and seam. 1 A very useful mineral. 2 A place most dear to English hearts. 3 The other side of anything. 4 A precious stone. 5 A tool. 6 What I fear you must be, if you fail to guess this.


“ Bards sublime Whose distant footsteps echo thro' the corridors of

time." 1 "The earth withheld her fruits, my fields grew bare,

Till one vast desert frown'd throughout the year.” 2 “ That olde man of pleasing words had store,

And well could file his tongue, as smooth as glass.” 3 « To whom the double blessing did belong

With Moses' inspiration, Aaron's tongue. 4 " Aërial forms in this most classic vale

Glance thro' the gloom, and whisper in the gale." 5

" The great brand Made lightnings in the splendour of the moon."



A stately building, and the artist who adorned it.

His brows with roses and with myrtles bound (So should desert in arms be crowned).”

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