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4. “The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,

And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave, Await, alike, the inevitable hour;

The paths of glory lead but to the grave.” 5 “ Oft in sadness and in illness,

I have seen thy current glide ; Till the beauty of its stillness

Overwhelmed me like a tide." 6 “ Now God and St. strike for the good cause

of Spain !" 7 6 'Tis not in mortals to command success,

But we'll do more, Sempronius, we'll deserve it." 8 “Father and mother 1-yes, and brother dear.”


The Heroes of Modern Novelists.

1 The mind that conceived thee is still ;
2 Arabia, the happy!

1 Suggestive of Queen Elizabeth.
2 Suggestive of winter desserts.
3 Suggestive of ante-young-ladyhood.
4 Suggestive of Spartan political economy.
5 Very suggestive of royal autographs.


The colour of


favourite animal. A name of contempt for a spinster. 1 The smallest bird that's the

of a cat : 2 The folks about here are as black as your hat.


3 The name of some straits on your overland route : 4 I'm the name of a coin and an urchin to boot. 5 The name of a song by John Blockley of fame :

A period elapsed yet but one day bears my name.


1 “The desolator desolate !

The victor overthrown!
The arbiter of others' fate

A suppliant for his own !" 2

“Lay him beneath his snows,
The great Norse giant, who in these last days
Troubled the nations. * * *
Lying so straightly in an icy calm

Grander than sovereignty."
1 A Scottish saint.
2 An Italian poet.
3 A violent declamation.
4 A solemn promise.
5 A world-known shrine.
6 An English battle-field.
7 A Cæsar's sister.
8 A French astrologer.


1 But, lo! from high Hymettus to the plain

The queen of night asserts her silent reign ;
With cornice glimmering as the moonbeams play
Here the white column greets her grateful ray,
And sad and sombre ʼmid the holy calm,

Near Theseus' fane, yon solitary palm." 2


di cielo caduto in terra."

66 Un

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1 "Courage,' he said, and pointed toward the land. *

In the afternoon they came unto a land,

In which it seemed always 2 “ Angels ever bright and fair

Take, oh, take me to your care!” 3“ Ah! why will summer roses fade ? ” 4. “We ne'er shall look upon his like again." 5 6 Stitch! stitch ! stitch !" 6 “Descending fast, the mountain-shadows miss

Thy glorious gulf **"


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1 Only ladies wear it:

2 Only ladies wear it." 1 Cheer away; cheer away; give a cheer more! 2 No longer o'er x’s and y's will we pore; 3 But one of our two noble selves, you or I, 4 Will kick up our heels, like jackasses, high. 5 Only don't grow too something that rhymes well with

dump, 6 Lest one of our two noble selves, you or I, 7 Like a girl in a convent, short fare have to try.


1 The Raphael of musicians.

2 The Milton of composers. 1 At first unpopular, now of all sacred works best

known: 2 No songstress wakes in me more thrilling tone. 3 My famous thoughts on Solitude to a past age belong. 4.“ Thy proudly — and glossy neck,” you know

the song.

5 I rouse at morning by the beat of drum, 6 The end to gain, by working out a sum.


1 Though I sue and I complain
2 Of my rights I yield no grain.
1 01 do it nobly in my cause,
2 And, ere you take a long one, pause ;
3 Nor hold thee back as though in fear,
4 But give, when praising ours, a cheer.
5 She's dead to earth, as it appears,
6 And buried I can live for years;
7 E'en now I have it in my head;
8 And my ire in it is read :
9 But, Jacky What-d'ye-call,
10 Pray don't bite my toes at all


“The queen of the desert, and her captive queen."

1 Spanish peace.
2 The wind-flower.
3 Spanish fruits.
4 Spanish Moors.
5 Last but one, first but one.
6 Italian composer.
7 A fifth quarter.


1 “Dead! Thirteen a month ago!

Short and narrow her life's walk ;
Lover's love she could not know

Even by a dream or talk :

Must you pity her for this,
And for all the joy it is,
You her mother, with wet face,

Having had all in your case ?”
2 “My sprightly neighbour! gone before

To that unknown and silent shore,
Shall we not meet, as heretofore,

Some summer morning 1 “I'll be your father and your

brother too; Let me but bear your woes, I'll bear your cares. Yet weep that Harry's dead; and so will I. But Harry lives that shall convert those tears,

By number, into hours of happiness. 2 “Hector, my best one !-- * * Pity hast thou none

For this young child, and this most sad myself,

Who soon shall be thy widow 3 “Man never is, but always to be blest.” 4 " In open market-place produc'd they me,

To be a public spectacle to all;

'Here,' said they, is the terror of the French.'” 5 66 Part

us, Northumberland ? * * * My wife to France; from whence set forth in pomp,

Sent back like Hallowmas, or short'st of day.”. 6 “And if at first you don't succeed,

Why try again."


1 “'Twas but the twinkling of an eye betrayed him, 2 On this drear heath."

1 " With blackest the flower-plots

Were thickly crusted one and all.”

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