Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench: In Michaelmas, Hilary and Easter Terms in the ... Year[s] of William IV, Volumen3


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Página 7 - In actions on the case, the plea of not guilty shall operate as a denial only of the breach of duty or wrongful act alleged to have been committed by the defendant, and not of the facts stated in the inducement...
Página 643 - ... within this realm or elsewhere, any fraudulent grant or conveyance of any of his lands, tenements, goods, or chattels, or make or cause to be made any fraudulent surrender of any of his copyhold lands or tenements, or make or cause to be made any fraudulent gift, delivery, or transfer of any of his goods or chattels...
Página 741 - It may be true, that if my land adjoins that of another, and I have not, by building, increased the weight upon my soil, and my neighbor digs in his land so as to occasion mine to fall in, he may be liable to an action.
Página 12 - ... shall be at liberty to sign judgment as for want of a plea; and in case the same be falsely stated by the defendant, the plaintiff, on producing a certificate from the proper officer or person having the custody of the records or proceedings of the court where such judgment is alleged to have been recovered, that there is no such record or entry of a judgment...
Página 558 - A mere tacit understanding between conspirators to work to a common purpose is all that is essential to a guilty, actionable combination. Individual Intent by two or more persons to do an unlawful act or a lawful act by unlawful means Is the first step In that regard.
Página 7 - In actions of trespass quare clausumfregit, the plea of not guilty shall operate as a denial that the defendant committed the trespass alleged in the place mentioned, but not as a denial of the plaintiff's possession or right of possession of that place, which if intended to be denied, must be traversed specially.
Página 6 - ... gr., infancy, coverture, release, payment, performance, illegality of consideration either by statute or common law, drawing, indorsing, accepting, &c., bills or notes by way of accommodation, set-off, mutual credit, unseaworthiness, misrepresentation, concealment, deviation, and various other defences, must be pleaded.
Página 5 - In all actions by and against assignees of a bankrupt or insolvent, or executors or administrators, or persons authorized by act of parliament to sue or be sued as nominal parties, the character in which the plaintiff or defendant is stated on the record to sue or be sued, shall not in any case be considered as in issue, unless specially denied.
Página 5 - IN all actions of assumpsit, except on bills of exchange and promissory notes, the plea of non assumpsit shall operate only as a denial in fact of the express contract or promise alleged, or of the matters of fact from which the contract or promise alleged may be implied by law.
Página 259 - TYim'ty-Term, no dilatory Plea shall be received in any Court of Record, unless the Party Offering such Plea, do, by Affidavit, prove the Truth thereof, or shew some probable Matter to the Court to induce them to believe that the Fact of such Dilatory Plea is true.

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