The sea: its stirring story of adventure, peril & heroism. [4 vols., publ. in 40 pt.].


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Página 93 - Ay, but to die, and go we know not where ; To lie in cold obstruction, and to rot ; This sensible warm motion to become A kneaded clod...
Página 179 - I called all hands aft, and to a merciful God offered prayers for our preservation. I thanked every one for his excellent conduct, and cautioned them, as we should, in all probability, soon appear before our Maker, to enter his presence as men resigned to their fate.
Página 295 - He dwelt more at large on the precious metals to be found in these islands, which he inferred, less from the specimens actually obtained, than from the uniform testimony of the natives to their abundance in the unexplored regions of the interior. Lastly, he pointed out the wide scope afforded to Christian zeal, in the illumination of a race of men, whose minds, far from being wedded to any system of idolatry, were prepared by their extreme simplicity for the reception of pure and uncorrupted doctrine.
Página 292 - ... the seeds of all mischief, have no place with them. They are content with so little, that in so large a country they have rather superfluity than scarceness ; so that they seem to live in the golden world, without toil, living in open gardens ; not intrenched with dykes, divided with hedges, or defended with walls.
Página 232 - September, 1846. The officers and crews, consisting of 105 souls, under the command of Captain FRM Crozier, landed here in lat. 69° 37' 42
Página 239 - But, as we traced it on to the deep snow among the hummocks, we were led to footsteps, and, following these with religious care, we at last came in sight of a small American flag fluttering from a hummock, and lower down a little Masonic banner hanging from a tent-pole hardly above the drift It was the camp of our disabled comrades. We reached it after an unbroken march of twenty-one hours.
Página 153 - ... in a Greenland ship that summer) told him, that their ship went not out to fish that summer, but only to take in the lading of the whole fleet, to bring it to an early market, But, said he, before the fleet had caught fish enough to lade us, we, by order of the Greenland Company, sailed unto the north pole and came back again.
Página 237 - As our brig, borne on by the ice, commenced her ascent of the berg, the suspense was oppressive. The immense blocks piled against her, range upon range, pressing themselves under her keel, and throwing her over upon her side, till, urged by the successive accumulations, she rose slowly, and as if with convulsive efforts, along the sloping wall. Still, there was no relaxation of the impelling force. Shock after shock, jarring her to her very centre, she continued to mount steadily...
Página 205 - ... of the ship seemed imbedded. It was indeed an awful crisis, rendered more frightful from the mistiness of the night and dimness of the moon. The poor ship cracked and trembled violently, and no one could say that the next minute would not be her last; and, indeed, his own too, for with her our means of safety would probably perish.

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