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Virtue alone is happiness, 182
Virtue, assume a, 103
Virtue, ceases to be a, 365
Virtue could what virtue would,

Virtue, homage vice pays to, 360
Virtue is bold, 32
Virtue is her own reward, 169
Virtue, linked with one, 315
Virtue makes our bliss, 182, 231
Virtue of necessity, 390
Virtue outbuilds the pyramids, 209
Virtues, be kind to her, 168
Virtues plead like angels, 83
Virtues, waste thyself upon, 29
Virtues we write in water, 68
Virtuous and vicious, 179
Virtuous, because thou art, 51
Virtuous Marcia, 170
Visage, on his bold, 295
Visible darkness, 131
Vision and faculty divine, 277
Vision, baseless fabric of this, 27
Vision beatific, 133
Vision, the young men's, 158
Vision, write the, and make it plain,
Visions of glory, 228
Visitations daze the world, 336
Visits, angels', 166
Visits, like angels', 289
Visits like those of angels, 205
Vital spark, 197
Vocation, 't is my, 56
Voice cry, sleep no more, 85
Voice, gentle and low in woman,

Voice, I hear a, you cannot, 200
Voice in my dreaming ear, 289
Voice like a prophet's, 340
Voice lost in singing anthems, 60
Voice of charmers, 5
Voice of nature cries from the

tomb, 229
Voice of the sluggard, 213
Voice of the turtle, 10
Voice, still small, 3
Voices, earth with thousand, 284
Void, have left an aching, 250
Volume of my brain, 95
Volume, within that awful, 298
Vote that shakes the turrets of the


Wags the world, 45
Waist, hands round the slight, 30
Wait, they also serve who stan

and, 150
Waked to ecstasy, 228
Wakens the slumbering ages, 336
Walk by faith, 20
Walk of virtuous life, 207
Walk while ye have the light, 18
Walking in an air of glory, 151
Walking shadow, 90
Walks, between echoing, 142
Wall, weakest goes to the, 77
Waller was smooth, 193
Wandering mazes lost, 136
Want, lonely, retired to die, 220
Want of decency, 164
Wanting, art found, 12
Wanton wiles, 148
War, blast of, 62
War, circumstance of glorious, 110
War, first in, 368
War, grim-visaged, 65
War 's a game, 247
War is toil and trouble, 157
War its thousands slays, 241
War, let slip the dogs of, 71
War, my sentence is for open, 135
War, my voice is still for, 170
War, rumour of, 244
War, then was the tug of, 166
War to the knife, 307
Warble his native wood-notes, 149
Ward, my old, 57.
Warrior famoused for fight, 112
Warrior taking his rest, 326
War's glorious art, 211
War's rattle, 294
Washington's awful memory, 281
Waste its sweetness, 229
Watch, an idler is a, 248
Watch and pray, 16
Watch in every old man's eye, 79
Watch-dog's honest bark, 319
Watch-dog's voice, 235
Watches, judgments as our, 185
Watcher of the skies, 325
Water, conscious, 126
Water, drink no longer, 21
Water everywhere, 282
Water imperceptible, 329,
Water, not a drop to drink, 282
Water-rats, 40
Water, smooth runs the, 64
Water spilt on the ground, 3
Water, unstable as, 2
Waters, beside the still, 5
Waters, cast thy bread upon the,

Waters of the rude sea, 55

land, 343

Voyage of their life, 73
Vulgar boil an egg, 193
Vulture, rage of the, 313
Wart a feather, 206
Wager, opinions backed by a, 315
Wagers for arguments' use, 154

Waters, she walks the, 314
Waters, the hell of, 310
Wave o' the sea, 49
Waves be stayed, 4
Wax to receive, 315,
Way, a dim and perilous, 277
Way, noiseless tenor of their, 229
Way of all the earth, 2
Way of life, 89
Way to dusty death, 90
Ways, amend your, 12,
Ways of God, justify the, 131
Ways of pleasantness, 6
Ways, vindicate the, 176
Ways, untrodden, 269
We first endure, 179
We know what we are, 103
We spent them not in toys, 128
We watched her breathing, 328
Weakest goes to the wall, 77
Weak invention of the enemy, 173
Weak woman went astray, 168
Wealth of Ormus, 134
Weariness can snore upon the flint,

Wearisome condition of humanity,

Weary be at rest, 4
Weary of conjectures, 170
Web of our life, 50
Web, stained, 298
Web, what a tangled, 394
Wee short hour, 262
Weed on Lethe wharf, 95
Weeds of glorious feature, 25
Weep no more, lady, 240,
Weep, while all around thee, 255
Weep, who would not, 191
Weighed in the balances, 12
Weight of mightiest monarchies,

Welcome, deep-mouthed, 319
Welcome the coming guest, 192
Well, not so deep as a, 80
Well, not wisely, but too, III
Well' of English undefyled, 24
Well-bred whisper, 245
Wells, dropping buckets into

empty, 245
Wept o'er his wounds, 235
Westward, the course of empire,

Wet damnation, 347
Whale, and bobbed for, 164
Whale, very like a, 101
What á falling-off was there, 95
What a fall was there, 72
What a piece of work is man, 97
What beckoning ghost, 197
What boots it at one gate, 144

What can ennoble sots, 181
What care I how fair she be, 121
What constitutes a state, 255
What God hath joined, 15
What, he knew what's, 152
What is a man profited, 15
What's done is done, 86
What is friendship, 238
What makes doctrines plain, 156
What man dare, I dare, 87
What ne'er was nor is, 186
What perils do environ, 153
What shall I do to be for ever

known, 127
What thou wouldst highly, 83
What though the field be lost, 131
What will Mrs. Grundy say? 266
What's done we may compute, 260
What's Hecuba to him, 97
What's impossible can't be, 264
What's in a name, 78
Whatever is, is right, 178
Wheat, two grains of, 40
Wheel broken at the cistern, 10
Wheel, butterfly upon a, 191
Wheel, within a, 12
Wheels of weary life, 161
When lovely woman, 238
When shall we three meet, 81
Whence and what art thou, 137
Where the bee sucks, 27
Where the tree falleth, 9.
Where the wood-pigeons breed, 223
Whereabout, prate of my, 84
Whining schoolboy, 45
Whip in every honest hand, 111
Whip me such knaves, 105
Whipped the offending Adam, 62
Whips and scorns of time, 98
Whirligig of time, 52.
Whirlwind, rides in the, 171
Whirlwind, shall reap the, 12
Whisper circling round, 236
Whispering, I ne'er consent, 319
Whispering lovers made, 234
Whispering tongues, 283
Whispering with white lips, 309
Whispers of fancy, 220
Whistle, clear as a, 203
Whistle, dear for his, 361
Whistle her off, 109.
Whistle his friends back, 237
Whistling of a name, 181
Whistled for want of thought, 159
White wench's black eye, 79
Whited sepulchres, 16
Whiter than the driven snow, 224
Whither thou goest I will go, 2
Who builds a church to God, 185
Who but must laugh, 191


Who does the best, 206
Who dotes yet doubts, 109
Who drives fat oxen, 221
Who ne'er knew joy, 198
Who never mentions hell, 185
Who overcomes by force, 133
Who pens a stanza, 190
Who says in verse, 192
Who shall decide, 184
Who steals my purse,

Who sweeps a room, 122
Who would not weep, 191
Whole of life to live, 287
Whom the gods love, 321
Whose dog are you, 198
Why, a wherefore for every, 152
Why did you kick me down stairs,

Why is plain as way to parish

church, 45
Why, man of morals, why, 128
Why should every creature drink

but I, 128
Why so pale and wan, 123
Wicked cease from troubling, 4
Wicked flee when no man pursueth,

Wickliffe's ashes, 279
Wide as a church door, 80
Wife and children impediments to

great enterprises, 352
Wife of thy bosom, 2
Wife, true and honourable, 71
Wild in woods, 160
Wilderness of sweets, 140
Wiles, simple, 271
Will, complies against his, 156
Will, current of a woman's, 214
Will, if she will, 214
Will, puzzles the, 99
Will, there's a way, 258
Will, unconquerable, 131
Willing to wound, 191
Willingly let it die, 356
Willows, our harps on the, 6
Win, they laugh that, 110
Wind and his nobility, 56
Wind, as large a charter as the, 45
Wind, blow, and crack your cheeks,

Wind, blow, come, wrack, go
Wind, blow, thou winter, 46
Wind bloweth as it listeth, 17
Wind, fly on the wings of the, 5
Wind, God tempers the, 363
Wind, hope constancy in, 317
Wind, as the idle, 73
Wind, ill, turns none to good, 389
Wind, let her down the, 109
Wind in that corner, sits the, 33

Wind, sorrow's keenest, 274
Wind, they have sown the, 12
Winding bout, 150
Windows richly dight, 148
Windows that exclude the light,

Winds of heaven, 92
Winds, viewless, 32
Wine, a good, familiar creature,

Wine for the stomach's sake, 21
Wine, good, needs no bush, 48
Wine, look not upon the, 7
Wine, O thou invisible spirit of,

Wine of life, 85
Wing, from an angels, 274
Wings, arise with healing in his,
Wings, flies with swallow's, 66
Wings like a dove, 5
Wings of the wind, 5
Wings, riches make themselves, 7
Winter comes to rule the year, 216
Winter lingering chills the lap of

May, 233
Winter, my age is as a lusty, 44
Winter of our discontent, 65
Winter, ruler of the inverted year,
Wipe away all records, 95
Wisdom and false philosophy, 136
Wisdom and wit, 203
Wisdom finds a way, 258
Wisdom is humble, 248
Wisdom married to immortal verse,
Wisdom mounts her zenith, 254
Wisdom priced above rubies, 4
Wisdom with mirth, 237
Wise above that which is written,

Wise as serpents, 14
Wise, be not worldly, 121
Wise, folly to be, 226
Wise in your own conceits, 18
Wise never live long, 66
Wise saws and modern instances,

Wisely, loved not, 111
Wiser and better grow, 166
Wisest, brightest, meanest of man-

kind, 181
Wisest man who is not wise, 268
Wisest, virtuousest, discreetest, 142
Wish father to the thought, 61
Wish, not what we, 259
Wishes lengthen as our sun de

clines, 209
Wishes, like shadows, 209



Woman, how divine a thing, 273
Woman in her first passion, 320
Woman in our hours of ease, 294
Woman in this humour wooed, 66
Woman is at heart a rake, 184
Woman, lovely, 165
Woman loves her lover, 320
Woman moved, 49
Woman, nature made thee to tem-

per man, 165
Woman, nobly planned, 271
Woman, O, I could play the, 88
Woman, or an epitaph, 317
Woman perfected, 345
Woman scorned, no fury like a,

Woman, she is a, 64
Woman stoops to folly, 238
Woman take an elder, 51
Woman that deliberates is lost, 170
Woman to be won, 64

Voman will or won't, 214
Woman's at best a contradiction,



Wishing worst of employments,

Wit, a miracle instead of, 211
Wit among lords, 249
Wit, a man in, 198
Wit, brevity is the soul of, 96
Wit, eloquence, and poetry, 128
Wit, gentle as bright, 304
Wit, his whole, in a jest, 119
Wit in other men, 60
Wit in the very first line, 237
Wit invites you, 249
Wit is nature to advantage dressed,
Wit, no room for, 358
Wit, plentiful lack of, 96
Wit, shy in using it, 152
Wit, skirmish of, 33
Wit that can creep, 191
Wit, too proud for a, 237
Wit with dunces, 194
Wit's a feather, 181
Witch hath power to charm, 91
Witch the world, 58
With too much quickness, 183
With too much thinking, 183
Withering on the virgin thorn, 35
Withers are unwrung, IOI
Witnesses, a cloud of, 22
Wit's end, at their, 6
Wits, keen encounter of our, 65
Wits to madness near allied, 158
Witty, only in myself, 60
Woe, a man of, 291
Woe a tear can claim, 312
Woe doth tread upon another's
Woe, gave signs of, 142
Woe, heritage of, 318
Woe is life protracted, 219
Woe, luxury of, 304
Woe, mockery of, 197
Woe, some degree of, 222
Woe succeeds a woe, 207
Woe, teach me to feel' another's,

Woe, the tears of, 304
Woe, trappings and the suits of, 91
Woe, truth denies all eloquence to,

Woe, turns at the touch of, 252
Woes, rare are solitary, 207
Woes, Galileo with his, 310
Wolf dwell with the lamb, 10
Woman, a contentious, 8
Woman a contradiction, 184.
Woman, an excellent thing in, 77
Woman, and may be woo'd, 77
Woman, dark eye in, 309
Woman, frailty, thy name is, 92

heel, 207

face, 322

Woman's nay, a, 112
Woman's reason, none but a, 27
Woman's will, stem the torrent of

a, 214
Woman's will, to turn the current

of a, 214
Womanhood and childhood fleet,

Womankind, faith in, 335
Wombe of morning dew, 24
Womb of pia mater, 38
Womb of uncreated night, 135
Women pardoned all except her
Women, passing the love of, 3
Women, these tell-tale, 66
Women's weapons, 75,
Women wish to be who love their

lords, 232
Won, how fields were, 235
Wonder grew, that one small head,

Wonder how the devil they got

there, 190
Wonder of an hour, 308
Wonder of our stage, 118
Wonder, without our special, 87
Wonderful, most wonderful, 46
Woodcocks, springes to catch, 94
Wood, impulse from a vernal, 275
Wood-notes, native, 149
Wood-pigeons breed, 223
Wood, the deep and gloomy, 272
Woods and pastures new, 147
Woods, in the pathless, 311
Woods, senators of mighty, 325


Woods, stoic of the, 290

World, peace to be found in the, Wooed, that would be, 141

304 Wool, all cry and no, 153

World, pendent, 32 Word at random, 297

World, respect upon the, 39 Word fitly spoken, 8

World, round the habitable, 162 Word, for teaching me that, 42 World runs away, IOI Word, no man relies on his, 164 World, so stands the statue that Word of Cæsar stood against the enchants the, 216 world, 72

World, start of the majestic, 70 Word of promise, go

World, this bleak, 301
Word, suit the action to the, 100 World too much with us, 274
Word to throw at a dog, 43

World, unintelligible, 272
Words are like leaves, 186

World, uses of this, 91 Words are men's daughters, 220 World wags, how the, 45 Words are wise men's counters, World wanted many an idle song,

190 Words are women, 220

World was all before them, 143 Words as fashions, 186

World was not worthy of, 22 Words cannot paint, 254,

World was sad, 288 Words, familiar as household, 63 World, witch the, 58 Words give sorrow, 88

World with its motley rout, 252 Words, immodest, admit of no de- World without a sun, 288 fence, 164

Worlds, allured to brighter, 236 Words of learned length, 236

World's mine oyster, 29 Words that Bacon spoke, 193 World's wide enough for thee and Words that burn, 227

me, 363 Words that weep, 227

Worlds, should conquer, 127 Words, words, words, 96

Worlds, wreck of matter and the Work, who first invented, 282

crush of, 171 Works, these are thy glorious, 140 Worm dieth not, 16 World, a fleeting show, 304

Worm in the bud, 51 World, a good deed in a naughty, Worm, smallest, 65 43

Worm, who needlessly sets foot World and its dread laugh, 216 upon a, 248 World as a stage, 40

Worse appear the better reason, World, brought death into the, 130 135 World calls idle, 246

Worse for wear, 250 World, children of this, 17

Worse, greater feeling to the, 55 Worlds, exhausted, 219

Worship God, he says, 263 World falls, when Rome falls, 310 Worship, too fair to, 347 World, fever of the, 272

Worst speak something good, 122 World, foremost man of the, 73 Worth by poverty depressed, 219 World forgetting, by the world Worth, conscience of her, 141 forgot, 196

Worth makes the man, 181 World, full of briars, 43

Worth in anything, 154 World, gave his honours to the, 68 Worth, sad relic of departed, 308 World, I have not loved the, 309

Would I were dead now, 330 World, I hold the world but as, 40 Would not live alway, 4 World in love with night, 80 Would'st not play false, 83 World is given to lying, 59

Wound, he jests at scars that never World its veterans rewards, 184

felt a, 78 World knows nothing of its greatest Wounded spirit, 7, men, 335

Wrack, blow wind, come, 90 World, lash the rascal naked Wrath, nursing her, to keep it through the, 111

warm, 259 World, light of the, 13

Wrath, soft answer turneth away, World must be peopled, 33 World of happy days, 66


sun go down upon, 21 World of sighs, 106

Wreathed smiles, 148 World of vile ill-favoured faults, 29 Wreck of matter, 171

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