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Página 175 - They say, miracles are past; and we -have our philosophical persons, to make modern and familiar things, supernatural and causeless. Hence is it, that we make trifles of terrors; ensconcing ourselves into seeming knowledge, when we should submit ourselves to an unknown fear.
Página 202 - My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go. Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North, The birth-place of...
Página 152 - Did I but purpose to embark with thee On the smooth surface of a summer's sea ; While gentle zephyrs play in prosperous gales, And fortune's favour fills the swelling sails ; But would forsake the ship, and make the shore, When the winds whistle, and the tempests roar...
Página 222 - An" wha thought o' seein ye enow?" said she, in a quick gabbling voice. " What's brought you to the toon? Are ye come to spend your honest faither's siller ere he's weel cauld in his grave, puir man ?" Mr. Douglas explained that it was upon account of his niece's health. "Health!" repeated she, with a sardonic smile; " it wad mak' an ool laugh to hear the wark that's made aboot young fowk's health noo-a-days. I wonder what ye're aw made o...
Página 51 - Though art's hid causes are not found, All is not sweet, all is not sound. Give me a look, give me a face That makes simplicity a grace ; Eobes loosely flowing, hair as free : Such sweet neglect more taketh me, Than all the adulteries of art ; They strike mine eyes, but not my heart.
Página 171 - Th' immortal line in sure succession reigns; The fortune of the family remains, And grandsires' grandsons the long list contains.
Página 44 - For contemplation he and valour formed, For softness she and sweet attractive grace; He for God only, she for God in him.
Página ix - ... her coming was serviceable. For she knew and loved him well, and she had seen enough of affliction akin to his to be well skilled in dealing with it. She could not be an hour in his company without observing what filled his children with more sorrow than all the rest of the case.
Página 228 - ... wine, and a plateful of various-shaped articles of bread, which she handed to Mary. "Hae, bairn — tak a cookie; tak it up — what are you fear'd for? It'll no bite ye. Here's t'ye, Glenfern, an' your wife, an' your wean, puir tead; it's no had a very chancy ootset, weel a wat.
Página 227 - ye wad rather hae a drap broth to warm ye. What gars ye luck sae blae, bairn? I'm sure it's no cauld; but ye're juste like the lave; ye gang aw skiltin aboot the streets half naked, an' than ye maun sit an' birsle yoursels afore the fire at hame.

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