Collection of English Almanacs for the Years 1702-1835


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Página 13 - Griefs got before, and alfo to avoid and prevent what might otherwife follow : The Senfes and Spirits, of Man, and all other Creatures, are now quickened and revived, and therefore the Humours which do abound, and are more forward to opprefs Nature, are fit to be emptied and avoided, whether by Bleeding, Purging, or otherwife, as the Caufe of the Difeafe requires. SUMMER. This (Quarter fakes its Beginning when that mighty Luminary the Sun, being...
Página 15 - Southing, and Setting of the Planets and fixed , Stars throughout the Year ; whereby may be known the exaft Hour of the Night at all Times, when either the Moon or Stars are feen.
Página 14 - Herb, yielding Fruit according to its Kind. Hippocrates calleth this Quarter the Mother and Nurfe of deadly Difeafes, becaufe of the Intemperature and variable Conftitution of the Weather : And Galen faith it is the.
Página 1 - Artificial Teeth, set in so firm as to eat with them, and so exact, as not to be distinguishable from natural. They are not to be taken out at night, as is by some falsely suggested, but may be worn years together ; yet they are so fitted, that they may be taken...
Página 12 - Time they rife, fouth, andiet, either before or after the Seven Stars, as alfo their Colour, Magnitude, and Meridian Altitude, by which they may be readily difcovered.
Página 3 - The firft is the Days of the Month. The fécond Column contains the Sun's true Place. .The third is the Sun's Declination. The fourth Column, under Obfervations...
Página 15 - Hour of the Night at all Times, when either the Moon or Stars are feen. Calculated according to Art, and referred to the Horizon of th?
Página 23 - Shotting futh failure», of Paying fuch Rents or Annuities, and of doing all fuch other Matters and Things formerly to be done and performed on the faid...
Página 8 - Day. — The Exchequer opens eight days before any term begins, except Trinity, before which it opens but four days.
Página 13 - February, at six o'clock in the evening, the earth began to open, and a hill with a rock under it, making at first a great bellowing noise, which was heard a great way off, lifted itself up, and began to travel, bearing along with it the trees that grew upon it, the sheep-folds and flocks of sheep abiding there at the same time.

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