Medical Times and Gazette, Volumen1

J. & A. Churchill, 1869

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Página 2 - Have you the heart? When your head did but ache, I knit my handkerchief about your brows, (The best I had, a princess wrought it me,) And I did never ask it you again : And with my hand at midnight held your head, And, like the watchful minutes to the hour, Still and anon cheer'd up the heavy time, Saying, What lack you ? and, Where lies your grief?
Página 192 - I think one can hardly tell that until after experience for some few years. All I can say is this, that at my Juvenile Lectures at Christmas time, I have never found a child too young to understand intelligently what I told him ; they came to me afterwards with questions which proved their capability.
Página 35 - ... the species. If a dry season be gradually prolonged, the large mammal will suffer from the drought sooner than the small one ; if such alteration of climate affect the quantity of vegetable food, the bulky Herbivore will first feel the effects of stinted nourishment...
Página 84 - Review, an account of some experiments performed by a German on himself with Bromide of potassium. The experimenter had found that when he took ten grains of the preparation three times a day for fourteen days, it produced temporary impotency, the virile powers returning after leaving off the medicine. He (Dr. Locock) determined to try this remedy in cases of hysteria in young women unaccompanied by epilepsy. He had found it, in doses of from five to ten grains, three times a day, of the greatest...
Página 102 - Vice-President, in the Chair. THE following gentlemen were elected Members of the Society :— Prof. F. Fuller, MA, and Capt. EH White. The SECRETARY read a communication from Sir John Conroy, Bart., " On a Simple Form of Heliostat.
Página 61 - It is just as feasible to make an appointment at any distance from home, to carry out at one sitting the induction of labour, as it is to cut for the stone.
Página 23 - The CLIMATE of the SOUTH of FRANCE as SUITED to INVALIDS; with Notices of Mediterranean and other Winter Stations. By CT WILLIAMS, MAMD, Oxon.
Página 77 - It appears to us that there is not sufficient evidence to prove that any of the advocated systems of treatment have power to prevent the heart becoming diseased. In concluding that the treatment has prevented the heart becoming diseased...
Página 189 - Surgeons), then under the superintendence of the late Mr. Clift and of Professor Owen, the friend of my early youth when preparing myself to accompany the Antarctic Expedition, and who instructed me in the use of that now unrivalled series of catalogues that owed so much to himself. From the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, the national and provincial museums of England have much to learn and to copy, and thanks to the wisdom and munificence of the council of the college, and to the zeal...
Página 84 - If any old woman had the possession of a herb or a salt which could antagonise the disease, her knowledge would be worth more than that of the whole College of Physicians. I am happy to say that this does not apply to many other diseases, where the knowledge you have acquired of their nature will serve you far more than all the medicines in the Pharmacopoeia. The remedies, then, are empirical; those that have hitherto been most in vogue have been the metallic tonics. It is remarkable that such...

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