Junius: Including Letters by the Same Writer, Under Other Signatures, (now First Collected).

Bradford and Inskeep, 1813

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Página 14 - That king James the Second, having endeavoured to subvert the Constitution of the Kingdom, by breaking the original Contract between king and people, and, by the advice of Jesuits, and other wicked persons, having violated the fundamental Laws, and having withdrawn himself out of the Kingdom, has abdicated the Government, and that the Throne is thereby become vacant.
Página 13 - War, was and is incapable of being elected ' a member to serve in this present Parliament.
Página 134 - Delivery, either by the Prisoner or any one in his Behalf, to set at Liberty the Prisoner upon Bail...
Página 148 - Considering the situation and abilities of Lord Mansfield, I do not scruple to affirm, with the most solemn appeal to God for my sincerity, that, in my judgment, he is the very worst and most dangerous man in the kingdom. Thus far I have done my duty in endeavouring to bring him to punishment. But mine is an inferior, ministerial office in the temple of justice. — I have bound the victim, and dragged him to the altar.
Página 138 - extends only to the case of commitments for such criminal charge, as can produce no inconvenience to public justice by a temporary enlargement of the prisoner*.
Página 50 - Mellefont,) is a gull, and made a fool, and cheated. Is every man a gull and a fool that is deceived ? At that rate I am afraid the two classes of men will be reduced to one, and the knaves themselves be at a loss to justify their title : but if an open-hearted honest man, who has an entire confidence in one whom he takes to be his friend...
Página 56 - ... his pistol upon him, as any other private person; and if their conscience would not permit them to do the like; he advised them not to list themselves in his troop, or under his command"; which was generally looked upon as imprudent and malicious, and might, by the professions the parliament then made, have proved dangerous to him; yet served his turn, and severed from others, and united among themselves, all the furious and incensed men against the government, whether ecclesiastical or civil,...
Página 14 - That King James the second, having endeavoured to subvert the constitution of this kingdom by breaking the original contract between King and people, and by the advice of Jesuits and other wicked persons having violated the fundamental laws, and having withdrawn himself out of this kingdom, hath abdicated the government, &c.
Página 118 - That the general reasonings, which were em' ployed against that power, went directly to our ' whole legislative right, and that one part of it ' could not be yielded to such arguments, without ' a virtual surrender of all the rest.
Página 134 - ... plainly an'd specially expressed in the warrant of commitment) upon payment or tender of the charges of bringing...

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