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“ All the Prelates, at their Consecration, make an Oath to the Popo

clean contrary to the Oath which they make to us; so that they seem to be his subjects, not ours." —Speech of King Henry VIII. May 11, 1532.

"Oh, my Lord God! defend this realme from Papistrie, and main

teine thy true religion."--Dying Prayer of King EDWARD VI. See Holinshed.

“ It seems an infatuation not to be accounted for—to hope to per

suade a free people, in the full enjoyment of all that is dear and valuable to them, to exchange Freedom for SLAVERY, the PROTESTANT Religion for Popery, and to sacrifice at once the price of so much blood and treasure as have been spent in defence of our present Establishment! Our enemies have long taken advantage of our differences and dissensions : let it be known that the spirit of Popery, which breathes nothing but confusion to the civil and religious rights of a Protestant Church and Kingdom, has not so far possessed my People, as to make them ripe for such a fatal change."-Speech of King George I. on the Opening of Parliament in the Year 1722.

“ The Established Constitution, in Church and State, shall be the

Rule of my Government.”-Speech of King George III, on his Accession to the Crown.

S. Gosnell, Prinier, Little Queen Street, London.

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