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S.R. Crocker, 1889

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Página 287 - A direful death indeed they had, As wad put any parent mad ; But she was more than usual calm, She did not give a single dam.
Página 287 - I am now going to tell you the horible and wretched plaege (plague) that my multiplication gives me you can't conceive it the most Devilish thing is 8 times 8 and 7 times 7 it is what nature itself cant endure.
Página 139 - The Encyclopaedic Dictionary. A New and Original Work of Reference to all the Words in the English Language, with a Full Account of their Origin, Meaning, Pronunciation, and Use.
Página 110 - tis true ; — But thirteen lines ! — and rhymed on two ! " Refrain," as well. Ah, hapless plight ! Still, there are five lines, — ranged aright. These Gallic bonds, I feared, would fright My easy Muse. They did, till you — You bid me try ! That makes them eight. The port's in sight ; 'Tis all because your eyes are bright ! Now just a pair to end in
Página 229 - for the purpose of obtaining more accurate returns of deaths than it is possible for the enumerators to make. It is earnestly hoped that physicians in every part of the country will co-operate with the census office in this important work. The record should be kept from June i, 1889, to May 31, 1890.
Página 52 - Then to advise how war may, best upheld, Move by her two main nerves, iron and gold, In all her equipage : besides, to know Both spiritual power and civil, what each means, What severs each, thou hast learn'd, which few have done : The bounds of either sword to thee we owe ; Therefore on thy firm hand religion leans In peace, and reckons thee her eldest son.
Página 14 - The object of this volume is to present, within the compass of about two hundred and fifty pages, the most important events of the history of France, selected, arranged, and treated according to the soundest principles of historical study, and set forth in a clear and attractive narrative. The work is based on the highest French authorities, — Guizot, Rambaud, Martin, and Duruy, — but all points demanding special consideration have been carefully compared with the views of the best English writers...
Página 229 - As the United States has no system of registration of vital statistics, such as is relied upon by other civilized nations for the purpose of ascertaining the actual movement of population, our census affords the only opportunity of obtaining near an approximate estimate of the birth and death rates of much the larger part of the country,, which is entirely unprovided with any satisfactory system of State and municipal registration. In view of this, the Census Office, during the month of May this...
Página 229 - June i, 1889, to May 31, 1890. Nearly 26,000 of these registration books were filled up and returned to the office in 1880, and nearly all of them used for statistical purposes. It is hoped that double this number will be obtained for the eleventh census. Physicians not receiving Registers can obtain them by sending their names and addresses to the Census Office, and, with the Register, an official envelope which requires no stamp will be provided for their return to Washington.
Página 73 - Where'er my footsteps turned, Her voice was like a hidden Bird that sang ; The thought of her was like a flash of light Or an unseen companionship, a breath Or fragrance independent of the wind.

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