Jack Buntline, Or, Life on the Ocean

Sampson Low, Son, and Company, 1861 - 154 páginas

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Página 5 - A Concise Summary of the Law of English and French Copyright Law and International Law, by Peter Burke. 12mo. 5s. Dr. Worcester's New and Greatly Enlarged Dictionary of the English Language. Adapted for Library or College Reference, comprising 40,000 Words more than Johnson's Dictionary, and 250 pages more than the Quarto Edition of Webster's Dictionary.
Página 14 - English and Scotch Ballads, &c- An extensive Collection. Designed as a Complement to the Works of the British Poets, and embracing nearly all the Ancient and Traditionary Ballads both of England and Scotland, in all the important varieties of form in which they are extant, with Notices of the kindred Ballads of other Nations. Edited by FJ Child, new Edition, revised by the Editor. 8 vols. fcap. cloth, 3s. 6d. each . The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.
Página 6 - Plutarch's Lives. An entirely new Library Edition, carefully revised and corrected, with some Original Translations by the Editor. Edited by AH Clough, Esq. sometime Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, and late Professor of English Language and Literature at University College. 5 vols. 8vo. cloth. 21. 10s.
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Página 12 - Stephen Tyng, DD Post 8vo. 5s. The Life of the Apostle Peter ; by the Rev. Dr. Lee, Bishop of Delaware. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. History of the Old Hundredth Psalm ; by HW Havergall. 8vo.
Página 5 - Circular (The), and General Record of British and Foreign Literature ; giving a transcript of the title-page of every work published in Great Britain, and every work of interest published abroad, with lists of all the publishing houses. Published regularly on the...
Página 16 - The Minister's Wooing : a Tale of New England. By the Author of " Uncle Tom's Cabin." Two Editions :— 1. In post 8vo. cloth, with Thirteen Illustrations by Hablot K. Browne, 5s.
Página 7 - Life of John Adams, 2nd President of the United States, by C. F. Adams. 8vo. 14s. Life and Works complete, 10 vols. 14s. each. Life and Administration of Abraham Lincoln.
Página 2 - Paul Duncan's Little by Little ; a Tale for Boys. Edited by Frank Freeman. With an Illustration by Charles Keene. Fcap. 8vo. cloth 2s. ; gilt edges, 2s. 6d. Also, same price, Boy Missionary; a Tale for Young People. By Mrs. JM Parker. Difficulties Overcome. By Miss Brightwell. The Babes in the Basket : a Tale in the West Indian Insurrection. Jack Buntline ; the Life of a Sailor Boy.

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