The Diary of Samuel Pepys ...: For the First Time Fully Transcribed from the Shorthand Manuscript in the Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge

Croscup & Sterling Company, 1896

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Página 10 - But, Lord ! to see how this play of Sir Positive At-all in abuse of Sir Robert Howard do take, all the Duke's and every body's talk being of that, and telling more stories of him of the like nature, that it is now the town and country talk, and, they say, is most exactly true.
Página 20 - ... to the King's playhouse, where the doors were not then open ; but presently they did open ; and we in, and find many people already come in by private ways into the pit, it being the first day of Sir Charles Sedley's new play so long expected, " The Mulbery Garden ;" of whom, being so reputed a wit, all the world do expect great matters.
Página 34 - Bennet1 and her ladies ; and their dancing naked, and all the roguish things in the world. But, Lord ! what loose company was this, that I was in to-night, though full of wit ; and worth a man's being in for once, to know the nature of it, and their manner of talk, and lives.
Página 45 - But strange to see, when women and men here, that live all the seasons in these waters, cannot but be parboiled, and look like the creatures of the bath ! Carried away, wrapped in a sheet, and in a chair, home ; and there one after another thus carried, I staying above two hours in the water, home to bed, sweating for an hour ; and by and by, comes musick to play to me, extraordinary good as ever I heard at London almost, or anywhere : 5s.
Página 92 - To the Duke of York's playhouse, and saw " Hamlet," which we have not seen this year before, or more ; and mightily pleased with it, but, above all, with Betterton, the best part, I believe, that ever man acted.
Página 4 - York's playhouse, at a little past twelve, to get a good place in the pit against the new play, and there setting a poor man to keep m,y place, I out, and spent an hour at Martin's, ray bookseller's, and so back again, where I find the house quite full ; but I had my place...
Página 34 - Bennet and her ladies; and there dancing naked.' and all the roguish things in the world. But, Lord ! what loose company was this that I was in to-night! though full of wit; and worth a man's being in for once, — to know the nature of it, and their manner of talk and lives.
Página 24 - Bovey's a beauty, if some few agree To call him so ; the rest to that degree Affected are, that with their ears they see.
Página 114 - Truth exalted: in a short but sure testimony against all those religions, faiths, and worships, that have been formed and followed in the darkness of apostacy; and for that glorious light, which is now risen and shines forth in the life and doctrine of the despised Quakers, as the alone good old way of life and salvation.
Página 66 - Mr. Reeves and his wife, whom I never saw before : and there we dined : a good dinner, and company that pleased me mightily, being all eminent men in their way. Spent all the afternoon in talk and mirth, and in the evening parted.

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