Examining God's Purposes for Fasting and Prayer: Bringing Our Understanding and Motives in Line with the Word to Ensure Effectiveness

Author House, 2010 M10 11 - 132 páginas

What is fasting? How often should I fast? Is there a right and wrong way to fast? Are there physical benefits to fasting? Will fasting and prayer really help me live a life more pleasing to God? Those, and other valid questions are addressed squarely right here. It is unfortunate that most assume that the subject of fasting and prayer is esoteric (obscure, cryptic, mysterious, and restricted to the few). This book is intended to open the door of understanding for all who desire to know what the bible says about fasting and prayer. If this is your motive, you will not be disappointed because Examining Gods Purposes for Fasting and Prayer draws its conclusions directly from the Word of God. Once the reader becomes acquainted with the principles outlined in this book, he/she will be better equipped to practice this vital (and oft neglected) spiritual and physical discipline.


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Chapter 1 What is Fasting?
Chapter 2 The Sabbath the Temple and Motives
Chapter 3 Who should fast when and how
Chapter 4 Physical and physiological considerations
Chapter 5 Hearts overcharged
Chapter 6 Asceticism
but by prayer and fasting
Chapter 9 Isaiah 58
Chapter 10 Repent
Chapter 11 Prayer
Chapter 12 Revival
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Bill Randall is a servant of Jesus Christ, having been saved by the grace of God on November 1, 1981. He is a retired Command Master Chief (E9), U.S. Navy. He has had past ministry opportunities, including Associate Minister, prison outreach, preaching, bible study and Sunday School teacher, and a myriad of other church outreach efforts. He has also served as area coordinator for the National Day of Prayer for Kenosha & Racine counties (Wisconsin) from 2002-2005, and is the founder of the grassroots organization: "Concerned Citizens for Truth" (CCFT). Bill is an unlikely author of a book on fasting, having been raised in a city known for sumptuous cuisine: New Orleans, Louisiana. But through guidance given by the Holy Spirit, Bill became acquainted with and regularly practices the principles of fasting and prayer. This is Bill’s first book, a work compiled from 1992 through 2005. He has a son (William III), and four daughters (Cherita, Katherine, Gabrielle and Isabel). He and his wife, Wendy, reside in North Carolina. It is their hope that this book is a blessing and encouragement to all.

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