Studies in the Poetry of Robert Browning

Paul, Trench, 1888 - 382 páginas
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Página 203 - Tis the weakness in strength that I cry for! my flesh, that I seek In the Godhead ! I seek and I find it. O Saul, it shall be A Face like my face that receives thee : a Man like to me, Thou shalt love and be loved by, for ever! a Hand like this hand Shall throw open the gates of new life to thee! See the Christ stand !
Página 203 - Would I suffer for him that I love? So wouldst thou — so wilt thou! So shall crown thee the topmost, ineffablest, uttermost crown — • And thy love fill infinitude wholly, nor leave up nor down One spot for the creature to stand in...
Página 241 - Through increased faith i' the thing reports belie ? Must we deny, — do they, these Molinists, At peril of their body and their soul, — Recognized truths, obedient to some truth Unrecognized yet, but perceptible ? — Correct the portrait by the living face, Man's God, by God's God in the mind of man...
Página 30 - Pomegranate,' which, if cut deep down the middle, Shows a heart within blood-tinctured, of a veined humanity.
Página 45 - I would rather consider Shelley's poetry as a sublime fragmentary essay towards a presentment of the correspondency of the universe to Deity, of the natural to the spiritual, and of the actual to the ideal...
Página 182 - I would that you were all to me, You that are just so much, no more. Nor yours nor mine, nor slave nor free ! Where does the fault lie? What the core O' the wound, since wound must be?
Página 341 - The beauty and the wonder and the power, The shapes of things, their colours, lights and shades, Changes, surprises, - and God made it all! For what? do you feel thankful, ay or no, For this fair town's face, yonder river's line, The mountain round it and the sky above, Much more the figures of man, woman, child, These are the frame to?
Página 215 - Love, though unloving all conceived by man — What need ! And of — none the minutest duct To that out-nature, nought that would instruct And so let rivalry begin to live — But of a power its representative Who, being for authority the same, Communication different, should claim A course, the first chose and this last revealed — This Human clear, as that Divine concealed...
Página 31 - THE face of all the world is changed, I think, Since first I heard the footsteps of thy soul Move still, oh, still, beside me; as they stole Betwixt me and the dreadful outer brink Of obvious death, where I who thought to sink Was caught up into love and taught the whole Of life in a new rhythm.
Página iv - The plot and dialogue, and all 's designed To spite Voltaire : at "Something" such the -laugh Of simply ." Nothing ! " (see his epitaph). CLII. • But truth, truth, that's the gold ! and all the good I find .in fancy is, it serves to set Gold's inmost glint free, gold which comes up rude And rayless from the mine. All fume and fret Of artistry beyond this point pursued Brings out another sort of burnish : yet Always the ingot has its very own Value, a sparkle struck from truth alone.

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