Songs of two worlds, by a new writer, Tema 310,Volumen1


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Página 120 - Mirth and enjoyment to-day turn to ".Lo! He hath made all things ; good and evil, sorrow and pleasure ; Not as your ways are His ways, yet are ye not all in His hand? Just is He, though ye know not the measure wherewith He will measure; Dark things shall one day be clear; to obey is to understand ! " Thus that voice, solemn and grand.
Página 123 - Take thou no care for aught save truth and right ; Content, if such thy fate, to die obscure ; Wealth palls and honours, Fame may not endure, And loftier souls soon weary of delight. Keep innocence ; be all a true man ought ; Let neither pleasure tempt, nor pains appal : Who hath this, he hath all things, having naught ; Who hath it not, hath nothing, having all.
Página 163 - But we are dumb, we are dumb, and may not tell What stirs within us, though the soul may throb And tremble with its passion, though the heart Dissolve in weeping : dumb. Nature may spread Sublimest sights of beauty ; Art inspire High thoughts and pure of God-like sacrifice ; Yet no word comes. Heroic daring deeds Thrill us, yet no word comes ; we are dumb, we are dumb, Save that from finer souls at times may rise, Once in an age, faint inarticulate sounds, Low halting tones of wonder, such as come...
Página 10 - Thrill through thee ere thy song be done : Because the Summer fleets so fast ; Because the Autumn fades so soon ; Because the deadly Winter treads So closely on the steps of June ? O sweet Maid, opening like a rose In Love's mysterious, honeyed air, Dost think sometimes the day will come When thou...
Página 11 - O brave youth, panting for the fight, To conquer wrong and win thee fame, Dost see thyself grown old and spent, And thine a still unhonoured name : When all thy hopes have come to naught, And all thy fair schemes droop and pine And wrong still lifts her hydra heads To fall to younger arms than thine ? Nay ; song and love and lofty aims May never be where faith is not ; Strong souls within the present live ; The future veiled, — the past forgot : Grasping what is, with hands of steel, They bend...
Página 222 - Or an agonised cry, As the loved face came not with the comrades she knew And the rough soldiers found not a word to reply. And pitiful hands led her softly away, With a loving heart rent and broken in twain ; And the triumph sweeps onward, in gallant array, — The life and the hope, the despair and the pain. Where was it? In Egypt, Assyria, Greece, Rome? Ages since, or to-day; in the old world, or new ? Who shall tell ? From all time these strange histories come ; And to-day, as of old, the same...

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