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The American Library Annual, 1977-1988 contains recent list of 3600 libraries of buying importance in U. S. and Canada. Price $5 net, Office of the PUBLISHERS' WmKLY.


Medical Books and Periodicals, American and Foreign, New and Old. Paul B. Hoeber, 67-69 East 59th Street, New York.

SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL BOOKS Imac Pitman & Sons, a West 45th St., New York.

FOREIGN AND SPECIAL BOOKS American-Scandinavian Foundation, 25 W. 45th St., N. Y. Trans. Danish, Swedish, Norwegian. Art Books. E. Weyhe, 708 Lexington Ave., New York.

Jewish Books in English. Everything published. Bloch Publishing Co., 40 E. 14th St., New York. Brentano's, Fifth Ave. and 27th St., New York. French, Italian, Spanish, German Books. Specialty in Latin American Books. Educational Publications previously issued by the W. R. Jenkins Co. William Helburn, Inc., 418 Madison Ave., N. Y. Importers and Publishers of Architectural and Art Industrial Books.

Laird & Lee, Inc., Chicago. Foreign-Language Dictionaries Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian. World's largest line of dictionaries (English and foriegn) published by one house.

Lemcke & Buechner, 30-33 East seth St., New York. All foreign books and periodicals.

Scandinavian Books Exclusively. Albert Bonnier Publishing House. 561 Third Ave., New York.

G. E. Stechert & Co. (Alfred Hafner), 151-155 W. asth St., New York. Foreign Books and Periodicals. E. Steiger & Co., 49 Murray St., New York. Foreign Books and Periodicals of all kinds.


Back numbers of magazines can be had at Abrahams Book Store, 145 4th Ave., N. Y.

A. S. Clark, Peekskill, N. Y. Complete files and Back Numbers of over 1200 different magazines, English and American. Send me your wants. Prompt service.

F. W. Faxon Co., Back Bay, Boston, Mass. Complete files and back numbers of magazines.

The Morgan Book Store, 37 Corning St., Boston, Mass. Back numbers of all Magazines supplied. Submit your want lists.

Back vola, and nos. of magazines supplied. Phila delphia Magazine Depot, 306 N. reth St., Philadelphia, Pa.

We buy and sell periodicals-numbers, volumes and sets. H. W. Wilson Co., 958-964 University Ave., New York.

KINDERGARTEN AND SCHOOL, SUPPLIES E. Steiger & Co., New York, manufacture the largest line of Kindergarten Supplies and Constructive Material for Manual Training. Catalog gratis.

SHORTHAND SPANISH AND FRENCH BOOKS Isaac Pitman à Sena, a West St, New York.


Wm. C. Edwards, 137 Clinton Ave., So. Rochester,
New York.

Castlemon, Frank in the Mountains.
Stone, Book plates of today.

Dreiser, Genius.

Duchess Molly Bawn.

Brown, Readers Guide to Irish Fiction.
Memoirs Li Hung Chang.

Norris, Moran of Lady Letty.

Newman, Cardinal, Memorials of the Past.
Russell, Collection and Recollections.
Knowlton, Genealogy.

Wm. H. Andre, 607 Kittredge Bldg., Denver,

Constable Shakespeare, Published by Lippincott, red cloth, title Hamlet and King Lear.

Associated Students' Store, Berkeley, California. Dempsey, Delphic Oracle.

L. S. Ayres & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana. Arsene Lupin and Confession of Arsene Lepin.

Bailey's Book Store, Syracuse, N. Y. Baedeker's United States.

William M. Bains, 1213-15 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Smyth, Philadelphia Magazines and their contributors, 1741-1850.

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The Rainbow, Lawrence.

Gospels of Wealth, Carnegie.

His Educational Works and Prmciples, King.
History of Education in Indiana, Boone.
Manual of Mutual Instruction, Russell.

Universities of Europe in Middle Ages, Rashdall.
Letters. Jerome.

Legends of Japanese Art, Joly.

Prophet of Nazareth, Schmidt.

History of Yachting, Clark.

The Underlying Principles of Modern Legislation,

Intro. to Study of Organized Labor in America,
Government and War Control of Industry and Trade,

Literary Characteristics of the Bible, Macculock.
Critical Introduction to the Old Testament, Gray.
Hebrew Accents, Wicke.

Rutherford's Letters.

The First Mortage, Religious fiction. Any works of Christmas Evans.

Bridgman's Book Shop, 108 Main St., Northampton, Mass.

Hobson, Gold Prices and Wages. Judgment of Eve, Sinclair.

Luo Clement, Telling Fortunes by Mathematics,
Ancient Science of Numbers.

Fred W. H. Myers, Classical Essays, Macmillan, 1808.
Bosanquet Aesthetics.
Scott Stamp Catalogue, 1919.



The Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway and Wash-
ington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
New Eng. Mag. vol. 13, p. 483, etc.
Sunset Ma., indexes for vols. 28 and 29.

Brown & Baker Co., 1024 Alakea St., Honolulu, T. H.
The Pearl, a magazine of 3 vols., 1879-1881.
Andrews Hawaiian Dictionary.

Brown University Library, Providence, R. I.
Lewis H. Haney's Problems in Railway Regulation.
Bryant & Douglas Book & Stationery Co., Kansas
City, Mo.
Flammarion, Wonders of the Heavens.
Henty, With Clive in India.

Roland, Set Pointed Star in the Dust.
Dawson, Garden Without Walls.
Gen. Andrews Mobile Campaign.

Book wanted is The History of the Campaign of Mobile, including the Cooperative Operations of Wilson's Cavalry C. C. in Alabama, by Brevet Major General Andrews, late commanding the Second Division 13th, Army Corps, U. S. vols., with maps and illus., was published by D. Van Nostrand Co., New York, and Trubner, London 1867.

Chamberlain Bros., Pittsfield, Mass. Birket Foster, R. W. S., Cundall, Macmillan.

Jamieson, Grammar of Logic.

Marlow, Dry ng Machinery.

Collins, Works. vol. 22, blue cl. (Collier).
Beals, Law of Financial Success, pamphlet, 6 copies
Britten. Old Clocks.

Hexaglot Bible, 6 vols., 4to.

Cunningham, Practical Anatomy, 2 vols.

C. T. Clearley, 1128 J St., Fresno, Cal. Sterne, Faith of our Forefathers.

George M. Chandler, 75 E. Van Buren St., Chicago, Ill. Thoreau, Walden, 2 vols.

Thoreau, Cape Cod, 2 vols.

Walton (M. A.)., Hermit's Wild Friends.
Franklin, Works, 10 vols.
Franklin, Works, 12 vols.
Harnack, The Sayings of Jesus.
Harnack, Luke the Physician.
Milman, Latin Christianity, 9 vols.
Creighton, History of the Papacy, 6 vols.
Burtons Translation of Catullus,

Eddy, Science and Health, 1st, 2d and 3d eds.
Allen (F. W.)., Golden Road.

Douglas (Lord Alfred)., Anything by or about him.
Wilson, History of the American People, 5 vois.
Lesley, Peter & Susan, Life and Letters.
Allen, (F. W.)., My Ships Aground, 1900.
Allen (F. W.)., Back to Arcady, 1905.
Allen (F. W.)., The Makers of Joys, 1907.
Allen (F. W.)., Brothers of Bagdad, 1916.
Labatts Reports.

Keith, Ancient Types of Man.
Czapek, Chemical Phenomena.
Smith, Ancient Egyptians.
Bickerton, Birth of Worlds.
Gardner, Religion and Art in Egypt.
Hawes, Crete, etc.

Arrhenius, Life of the Universe, 2 vols.
Wrede, Origin of New Testament.
Carlyles Works, Ashurton ed., 17 vols.
Fitzgerald, Letters and Literary Remains, 3 vols.
Gregg, Commerce of the Prairies, 2 vols.
Hergesheimer, Gold and Iron, 1st ed.
Hergesheimer, Three Black Pennys, 1st ed.
Hergesheimer, The Lay Anthony, 1st ed.
Muir, Sticken, 1st ed.

Ross, Fur Hunters, 2 vols., 1855.
Chateaubriand, Memoirs, 6 vols.
Carver's Travels, 3rd ed., 1781.
Bourrienne's Napoleon, 3 vols., Bentley, 1885.
Dowden, Lief of Shelley, 2 vols.
Adams (Chas. Francis), Autobiography, 1st ed.
Taylor, Holy Living and Holy Dying.
Lewis and Clark, Ed. by Coues, 4 vols.
Audubon, Birds of America, 8 vol. ed.
Four Private Libraries of N. Y., Japan Paper.
Beardsley, Morte D'Arthur, 2 vols.
Beardsley, Morte D'Arthur, I vol.
Vancouver's Voyages, 6 vols.

Palmer (Joel), Narrative, 1847 or 1851.
Plato, Dialogues of, 5 vols.

Montaigne, Essays, Hazlitts Ed., 3 vols.
Wernel, Jesus in 19th Century.
Tagore, Gitanjali, 1st ed.

Somerville & Ross. Dan Russell The Fox.
Sanborn (Kate)., Old Time Wall Paper, 1905.
Neander, History of the Christian Church. 6 vols.
Higginson (T. W.).. Travellers and Outlaws.
Hergesheimer, Mountain Blood, 1st ed.
Hergesheimer, Lay Anthony, 1st ed.
Hennepin. Travels, 1698 Bonn, ed.

Hall, Pedigree of the Devil.
Covner, The Lost Trappers. 1st ed.

Burton. El Medinah and Mecca, 3 vols., 1st ed., 1855.
Cain, Walks in Paris.

Alice Adventures in Wonderland. Early copy with Tenniels illus.

Cady-Jav. Moving of the Waters.

Eckel, First Editions of Dickens. 1913.

Foote, Life of John Hunter.

Morley, Life of Cobden, 2 vols., 1st ed., 1881.

Drake, Picture of Cincinnati. 1815.

Drake, Medical Education, 1832.

Drake, Enidemic Cholera, etc.

Drake, Diseases of Interior Valley of N. A., 1850. Drake, Diseases of Interior Valley of N. A., vol. 2,


Racinet. Polychromatic Ornament.

Humboldt, Travels. large tyne ed., 5 vols. Humboldt. Researches, 2 vols.

Morse (Tedidiah)., Geography, 3 vols., Boston 1805,

or Vols. 2 and 3.

Muir (John). Stickeen, 1st ed.
Gautier, Works, 10 vols., 8vo.
Zimmerman, On Solitude. good ed.
Tones, Grammar of Ornament.
Dasent. Popular Tales from the Norse.

Chicago Medical Book Co., Congress and Honore Sts.,
Chicago, Ill.
Deaver's Enlargement of Prostrate, new or second


The Arthur H. Clark Co., Caxton Bldg., Cleveland, O. Harrison, Platonism in English Poetry of 16th, 17th Cen.

Smith, Wealth of Nations, 1st ed.

Military Album, 1000 portraits, Officers, SpanishAmerican War.

Muir, Nationalism and Internationalism.

Millioud, Ruling caste and frenzied trade. Germany. Marriage Ceremonies and Priapic Rites.

Post Magazine and Insurance Monitor, 1-19, 30-44. 46-51, 53, 76 to date.

Roval Geog. Soc. Suppl. Pappers, vol. 1.
Leland, Fusang London, 1875.

Henry & Thompson, New Light on Early Hist. of
Greater N. W.

Fowler, J. of Adven. from Ark. to Rio Grande.
Larpenteur, Forty Years a Fur Trader, 2 vols.

Bell, Kalogy nomia.

Niles Weekly Register, 1828-1836.

Herrick, World Decision.

Holmes (O. W.), E. E. Brown.

Amer. Soc. for Judicial Settlement of Int. Disputes, Procdgs.. nos. 3 and 7.

Shufeldt, Studies in Human Form.

Whitton, Marne Campaign.

Erdman, Hist. of Philosophy, 3 vols. trans. by Hough. Lawson, Hist. of Carolina.

Antiquities of Tennessee.
Andreas, Hist. of Kansas.

Brown, Reminiscences, John Brown.
Tuttle, Hist. of Kansas.

Kelmscott Press Books, Story of Glittering Plain,
Poems by the Way. Shelley's Poems, Keat's Poems,
Chaucer's Works, Sigurd. The Volsung.
Whitman (Walt) ed. by Traubel, Buck Harned.
Sombart. Socialism. Social Movement, 19th Cen.
Webb. Industrial Democracy.

Holland. Hist. Western Mass.

Amer. Flint (periodical set or vols).

Amer. Flint Glass Workers Union, any pub., repts..


Tanguay, Dictionnaire Genealogique, Canadiennes, 7 vols.

Adair, Hist. of Amer. Indians.

Edinburgh Review, vol. 153, 155-8._160-2, 166, 168-9, 171, Chittenden, Amer. Fur Trade of Far West, 3 vols. Posnett. Comparitive Literature.

Canadian Mining Inst. Jl., vols 1-5 incl.

Wingate, Manual Rifle Practice.

Pollard, The Lost Cause.

Baedeker's, Mediterranean, U. S.

Littell's Living Age, 1889 to date.

Lamprecht, What is History.

Robinson, Turning Point.

Phila. Vice Commission Rept.

Blanchi, Aves Expeditions, 1889-1901.

Camp, War's dark frame.

Chittenden, Life and Travels of De Smet, 4 vols.

Hutchinson, Living Races of Mankind.

Marcosson, Rebirth of Russia.

Westermarck. Hist. of Human Marriage.

Marcosson, War After the War.

A New Song Book

Over 200 Songs-words and music for 4
voices, entitled


containing the Worlds Best Old Familiar
Songs, beautiful paper cover, page 6x9,
25c. Special QUANTITY rates. (Schools)

Two weeks ago one concern ordered 500,
and two weeks later ordered 1000 more.
Sales mostly in hundreds and thousands.
Best seller and best profit. Address,
Springfield (Dept. B)


The John Clark Co., 1486 W. 25th St., Cleveland, O.
American Catalog, 1905-1907 and 1908-1910.
Burton, Ultima Thule; or. A Summer in Iceland,
Dresser, Health and the Inner Life.

The John Clark Co.-Continued Eddy, Science and Health, 36th ed. or any ed. with the chapter Wayside Hints.

Frontinus, Two books on The Water Supply of
Rome, Boston, 1899.

Froude's History of England. A cheap set.
Grant, Tartans of the Clans of Scotland, 1886.
Lewis and Clark's Journals; ed. by Thwaites.
Morse, Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties
of the U. S.

Riley's Complete Works. Biographical ed.

Stetson (Augusta E.,), Reminiscences, Sermons and Correspondence.

Tryggvason, Sagas of 1911.

Totten, Our Race Series, any vols., pub. about 1890 to


Trumbull, History of Connecticut.

Frank Leslie's Weekly, vols. 21, 22, 24 and 25. Force's American Archives. 4th series, vol. 2. Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies, vol. 1, nos. 1, 3. 4 and 5; vol. 7, no. 7; and vol. 42,

no. 2.

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