Electro-typing: A Practical Manual Forming a New and Systematic Guide to the Reproduction and Multiplication of Printing Surfaces and Works of Art by the Electro-deposition of Metals

Crosby Lockwood, 1881 - 226 páginas

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Página 36 - Those interested in the purchase and sale of estates, and in the adjustment of compensation cases, as well as in transactions in annuities, life insurances, &c., will find the present edition of eminent service.'* — Engineering.
Página 31 - IRON AND METAL TRADES' COMPANION. For Expeditiously Ascertaining the Value of any Goods bought or sold by Weight, from is. per cwt. to 1125.
Página 12 - ENGINEERING ESTIMATES, COSTS, AND ACCOUNTS. A Guide to Commercial Engineering. With numerous examples of Estimates and Costs of Millwright Work, Miscellaneous Productions, Steam Engines and Steam Boilers ; and a Section on the Preparation of Costs Accounts. By A GENERAL MANAGER. Second Edition. 8vo, cloth...
Página 10 - For chemists, practical miners, assayers, and investors alike, we do not know of any work on the subject so handy and yet so comprehensive."— Gfasfov Herald. Lead, Metallurgy of. THE METALLURGY OF ARGENTIFEROUS LEAD: A Practical Treatise on the Smelting of Silver-Lead Ores and the Refining of Lead Bullion. Including Reports on various Smelting Establishments and Descriptions of Modern Smelting Furnaces and Plants in Europe and America. By M. EISSLER, ME, Author of "The Metallurgy of Gold,
Página 24 - The analytical methods given are, as a whole, such as are likely to give rapid and trustworthy results in experienced hands. . . . There is much excellent descriptive matter in the work, the chapter on 'Oils and Lubrication being specially noticeable in this respect.
Página 17 - Revised. 8vo, cloth 15/"The work is too well known to need any recommendation from us. It is one of the books with which every young architect must be equipped.
Página 3 - Surveying, Land and Marine. LAND AND MARINE SURVEYING, in Reference to the Preparation of Plans for Roads and Railways ; Canals, Rivers, Towns' Water Supplies: Docks and Harbours.
Página 22 - For those who insert enamelled sentences round gilded chalices, who blazon shop legends over shop-doors, who letter church walls with pithy sentences from the Decalogue, this book will be useful.
Página 17 - The whole of the designs bear evidence of their being the work of an artistic architect, and they will prove very valuable and suggestive.

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