The Shareholders' Legal Guide

A. Robertson, 1858 - 244 páginas

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Página 11 - Such name is the very being of its constitution; and, though it is the will of the king that erects the corporation, yet the name is the knot of its combination, without which it could not perform its corporate functions.
Página 134 - In the event of a company formed under this Act being wound up, every present and past member of such company shall be liable to contribute to the assets of the company to an amount sufficient for payment of the debts and liabilities of the company...
Página 240 - Company in the same ; to hold unto the said AB, his Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, until the said sum of pounds, together with interest for the same at the rate of...
Página 130 - ... shall be jointly and severally liable for all the debts of the company then existing, and for all that shall be...
Página 46 - It shall be lawful for any officer or agent of the company, and all persons called by him to his assistance, to seize and detain any person who shall have committed any offence against the provisions of this or the special act, and whose name and residence shall be unknown...
Página 238 - I . . . . of .... in consideration of the sum of ... paid to me by .... of ... do hereby transfer to the said .... share [or shares], numbered .... in the undertaking called "The .... Company...
Página 46 - ... shall not have made satisfaction, under the provisions of this or the special Act or any Act incorporated therewith ; and if the compensation claimed in such case shall exceed the sum of fifty pounds, such party may have the same settled either by arbitration or by the verdict of a jury, as he shall think fit.
Página 243 - E., two of her Majesty's justices of the peace, for the county of , [here describe the offence generally, and the time and place when and where committed,] contrary to the [here name the special Act]. Given under my hand, [or under our hands,] the day and year first above written.
Página 130 - If the directors of any such company shall declare and pay any dividend, when the company is insolvent, or any dividend, the payment of which would render it insolvent, or which would...
Página 31 - Act, to raise the additional sums so authorized to be borrowed, or any part thereof, by creating new shares of the company, instead of borrowing the same, or having borrowed the same, to continue at interest only a part of such additional sum, and to raise part thereof by creating new shares ; but no such augmentation of capital as aforesaid shall take place without the previous authority of a general meeting of the company.

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