Pamphlets Relating to English History: Miscellaneous, Volumen1


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Página 8 - Where many a time he triumphed is forgot. Near yonder thorn, that lifts its head on high, Where once the sign-post caught the passing eye, Low lies that house where nut-brown draughts inspired, Where grey-beard mirth and smiling toil retired, Where village statesmen talked with looks profound, And news much older than their ale went round.
Página 9 - ... blaze, While the wine-cup shines in light ; And yet amidst that joy and uproar, Let us think of them that sleep, Full many a fathom deep, By thy wild and stormy steep, Elsinore ! Brave hearts ! to Britain's pride Once so faithful and so true, On the deck of fame that died, With the gallant good Riou ; Soft sigh the winds of Heaven o'er their grave ! While the billow mournful rolls, And the mermaid's song condoles, Singing glory to the souls Of the brave ! THOMAS CAMPBELL.
Página 31 - The ocean which environs us is an emblem of our government: and the pilot and the minister are in similar circumstances. It seldom happens, that either of them can steer a direct course, and they both arrive at their port by means which frequently seem to carry them from it.
Página 9 - In royal bosoms that sympathy to which he appeals responds to the call to ' weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice,' as the colliers in Wales and in .Scotland have lately had reason to know.
Página 6 - I have begun several times many things, and I have often succeeded at last; ay, sir, and though I sit down now, the time will come when you will hear me.
Página 24 - Dissolve, if you please, the Parliament you have betrayed, and appeal to the people, who, I believe, mistrust you. For me there remains this at least — the opportunity of expressing thus publicly my belief that a Conservative Government is an organised hypocrisy.
Página 30 - Sir, there is before us not one controversy, but two. There is the controversy between Russia and Turkey ; there is the controversy between Turkey and her revolted subjects. I think the Government and their supporters out-of-doors in the Press are committing a great error in this — that it is the first of these two controversies — that between Russia and Turkey, which, after all, is only symptomatic — to which they address their minds. In my opinion, the other is the deeper and more important....
Página 24 - For my part, if we are to have Free Trade, I, who honour genius, prefer that such measures should be proposed by the hon. member for Stockport [Mr. Cobden] than by one who through skilful Parliamentary manoeuvres has tampered with the generous confidence of a great people and a great party.
Página 31 - British interests, but which teaches you to seek the promotion of these interests in obeying the dictates of honour and justice. And, sir, what is to be the end of this ? Are we to dress up the fantastic ideas some people entertain about this policy and that policy in the garb of British interests, and then, with a new and base idolatry, fall down and worship them?

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