The Nazarene; Or, The Last of the Washingtons: A Revelation of Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, in the Year 1844

T.B. Peterson and Brothers, 1854 - 239 páginas

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Página 7 - I enjoin and require that no ecclesiastic, missionary, or minister of any sect whatsoever, shall ever hold or exercise any station or duty whatever in the said college ; nor shall any such person ever be admitted for any purpose, or as a visitor, within the premises appropriated to the purposes of the said college.
Página 57 - When I think of that one man standing there at Washington, battling with all the powers of Bank and Panic combined, betrayed by those in whom he trusted, assailed by all that the snake of malice could hiss or the fiend of falsehood howl — when I think of that one man placing his back against the rock, and folding his arms for the blow, while he uttered his awful vow : " By the Eternal ! I will not swerve one inch from the course I have chosen...
Página 57 - ... against the rock, and folding his arms for the blow, while he uttered his awful vow : " By the Eternal ! I will not swerve one inch from the course I have chosen ! " I must confess that the records of Greece and Rome — nay the proudest days of Cromwell and Napoleon — can not furnish an instance of will like that of Andrew Jackson, when he placed life and soul and fame at the hazard of a die for the People's welfare.
Página 57 - ANDREW JACKSON. HE WAS A MAN ! Well I remember the day I waited upon him. He sat there in his arm chair — I can see that old warrior face, with its snow white hair, even now. We told him of the public distress — the manufacturers ruined, the eagles shrouded in crape, which were borne at the head of twenty thousand men into Independence Square. He heard us all. We begged him to leave the deposits where they were ; to uphold the Great Bank in Philadelphia. Still he did not say a word. At last one...
Página 98 - I have so much to say, that I know not where to begin, though I am filled ready to burst with it, and wish I could speak it all in a breath.
Página 6 - Co.], in the clerk's office of the District Court of [the Eastern District of Pennsylvania].
Página 210 - A woman, who has once been beautiful, and even now in this dread hour of famine and death, wears about her darkly flowing hair, and dazzling eyes and bared bosom, some traces of that gorgeous loveliness, peculiar to the daughters of Palestine, from immemorial time.
Página 120 - ... ties and rails and box car for a station were dumped on the plains above flat land or muskeg that swayed and rose and sagged as a rattle-trap train rocked over the steel. Gallatin's Report in 1808 — the first complete survey of transportation in America — covered amazingly from Maine to Florida, from the Atlantic to the Mississippi, from the St. Lawrence to the Great Lakes, and the little inland links that would be necessary. If read by European diplomats, it must have provoked a patronizing...
Página 165 - Tell it to me now—with your last breath, or if you die with that secret untold, I swear to rend it from your heart. Alice ! Alice ! Your husband's name !" The lamp gave one faint flutter and went out. , By its last gleam, the Brother beheld those flashing eyes shine with one solitary glance of consciousness. At last she knew him ! All was dark now; the hands which he grasped grew suddenly cold ; he placed his ear...
Página 57 - Come!" he shouted in a voice of thunder, as his clutched right hand was raised above his white hairs — " Come with bayonets in your hands instead of petitions — surround the White House with your legions — I am ready for you all ! With the people at my back whom your gold can neither buy nor awe, I will swing you up around the Capital, each rebel of you — on a gibbet — high as Hainan's.

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