Smail's Guide to Jedburgh and Vicinity and Angler's Guide to the Teviot and Its Tributaries

T. Smail, 1871 - 72 páginas

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Página 30 - I presented her with a proof print of my Nob, which she accepted with something more tender than gratitude. She told me many little stories which Miss had retailed concerning her and me, with prolonging pleasure — God bless her ! Was waited on by the magistrates, and presented with the freedom of the burgh.
Página 9 - He raise, and raxed him where he stood, And bade him match him with his marrows ; Then Tindaill heard them reasun rude, And they loot off
Página 11 - In the mid revels, the first ominous night Of their espousals, when the room shone bright With lighted tapers,— the King and the Queen leading The curious measures, Lords and Ladies treading The self-same strains ; the King looks back by chance, And spies a strange intruder fill the dance ; Namely, a mere anatomy, quite bare, His naked limbs both without flesh and hair (As we decipher death), who stalks about, Keeping true...
Página 38 - mong paths so sheen, When at fair Jedworth she would tarry ; And did the fays among the boughs Not pine to see their charms surpassed ? Ah ! sunk beneath most cruel woes, Unenvied was her fate at last. "Twas in yon glen that Richmond's knight Was caught by Douglas in the toiJ ; In vain were numbers, valour, might, — The well-planned ambush all could foil ; Entrapped and conquered all, or slain, It was the Southern's fate to yield.
Página 30 - Jed, pure be thy crystal streams, and hallowed thy sylvan banks ! Sweet Isabella Lindsay, may peace dwell in thy bosom, uninterrupted except by the tumultuous throbbings of rapturous love ! That lovekindling eye must beam on another, not on me; that graceful form must bless another's arms, not mine ! Kelso. — Dine with the farmers...
Página 12 - I think I cannot be mistaken in translating these words — ditch and hedge ; and if so, you have by far the earliest instance of such a fence on record. I suppose the wood so enclosed may have been the bank of Ferniherst ; and the meadows, those fairy fields by the side of the Jed, which form one of the most beautiful and peculiarly Scotch scenes I have ever seen.
Página 42 - I myself sold them a prisoner for a small horse. They laid him down upon the ground, galloped over him with their lances in rest, and wounded him as they passed. When slain, they cut his body in pieces, and bore the mangled gobbets, in triumph, on the points of their spears. I cannot greatly praise the Scottish for this practice. But the truth is, that the English tyrannized over the borders in a most barbarous manner ; and I think it was but fair to repay them, according to the proverb, in their...
Página 10 - The following fragment of an old ballad is quoted in a letter from an aged gentleman of this name, residing at New York, to a friend in Scotland : — " Bauld Rutherfurd, he was fou stout, Wi' a' his nine sons him round about; He led the town o' Jedburgh out, All bravely fought that day.
Página 24 - This in no way ye shall fail to do, keeping this writ for your warrant. Subscribed with our hand at Jedburgh, the penult day of October, 1566. MARIE, E.
Página 20 - Attached to the house is a large and valuable orchard, in which are several very old fruit trees. " With its screen of dull trees in front," says the author of the

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