Apollonius of Tyana, the pagan Christ of the third century. Authorised translation


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Página 8 - Warrant to Execute Charles I. An exact Facsimile of this important Document, with the Fifty-nine Signatures of the Regicides, and corresponding Seals. Beautifully printed on paper to imitate the Original MS., price 2s.
Página 6 - Magna Charta. An exact Facsimile of the Original Document, preserved in the British Museum, very carefully drawn, and printed on fine plate paper, nearly 3 feet long by 2 feet wide, with the Arms and Seals of the Barons elaborately emblazoned in Gold and Colours. AD 1215. Price 5^.; or, handsomely framed and glazed, in carved oak, of an antique pattern, 22s.
Página 4 - The most singular designs ever attempted by any artist. This book is a fund of amusement. So crammed is it with pictures that even the contents are adorned with thirty-three illustrations. Direct application must be made to Mr.
Página 3 - NOTE. — In order to ensure the correct delivery of the actual Works or Particular Editions specified in this List, the Name of the Publisher SHOULD BE DISTINCTLY GIVEN. Stamps or a Post-Office Order may be remitted direct to the Publisher, who will forward per return. When " DIRECT a/pplication " is requested, the Trade will please communicate with Mr.
Página 8 - Warrant to Execute Mary Queen of Scots. The Exact Facsimile of this important Document, including the Signature of Queen Elizabeth and Facsimile of the Great Seal, on tinted paper, made to imitate the Original MS. Price 2s.
Página 1 - A pipe is a great comforter, a pleasant soother. The man who smokes, thinks like a sage, and acts like a Samaritan.
Página 5 - Family Fairy Tales: or, Glimpses of Elfland at Heatherston Hall. Edited by CHOLMONDELEY PENNELL, Author of "Puck on Pegasus," &c., adorned with beautiful pictures of ** My Lord Lion," "King Uggermugger,
Página 2 - A volume of delightfully humorous Poems, very similar to the mirthful verses of Tom Hood. Readers will not be disappointed with this work.
Página 8 - THACKERAY the humourist and the man of letters. The story of his life, including a selection from his characteristic speeches, now for the first time gathered together. By Theodore Taylor, Esq. Membre de la socie'te
Página 9 - Signboards : Their History. With Anecdotes of Famous Taverns and Remarkable Characters. By JACOB LARWOOD and JOHN CAMDEN HOTTEN. With nearly 100 Illustrations.

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