The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Passed in the ... [1807-69].

His Majesty's statute and law Printers, 1840

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Página 395 - to be commenced against any Person for any thing done in pursuance of this Act shall be laid and tried in the County where the Fact was or is charged to have been committed, and shall be commenced within Two Calendar Months after the Fact committed, and not otherwise ; and Notice in
Página iv - 16. An Act to indemnify such Persons in the United Kingdom as have omitted to qualify themselves for Offices and Employments, and for extending the Time limited for those Purposes respectively until the Twenty-fifth Day of March One thousand eight hundred and forty-one ; and for the Relief of Clerks to Attornies and Solicitors in certain Cases.
Página 709 - Successors, Trustees of the said Loan Society for the Time being, or their certain Attorney; for which Payment, well and truly to be made, we jointly and severally bind ourselves, and each of us by himself, our and each of our Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, firmly by these Presents, sealed with our Seals. Dated the Day of in the Year of
Página 195 - of this Act, be it enacted, That all Actions and Prosecutions to be commenced against any Person for any thing done in pursuance of this Act shall be laid and tried in the County where the Fact was committed, and shall be commenced within Six Calendar
Página 395 - of such Action, and of the Cause thereof, shall be given to the Defendant One Calendar Month at least before the Commencement of the Action; and in any such Action the Defendant may plead the General Issue, or in case of any Action of Replevin may avow
Página 474 - Parliament. CAP. CV. An Act for abolishing Arrest on Mesne Process in Civil Actions, except in certain Cases; for extending the Remedies of Creditors against the Property of Debtors; and for the further Amendment of the Law and the better Advancement of Justice, in Ireland. [10th August 1840.]
Página 1 - a proper Clause or particular Words be inserted to declare ' that such Person shall not thereby be enabled to be of the Privy ' Council or a Member of either House of Parliament, or to take ' any Office or Place of Trust either Civil or Military, or to have
Página 592 - for any Borough shall be declared bankrupt, or shall apply to take the Benefit of any Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, or shall compound by Deed with his Creditors, or being Mayor be absent for more than Two Calendar Months, or being an Alderman, Councillor, or Municipal Commissioner for
Página 432 - adjudged guilty of Felony, and shall be liable, at the Discretion of the Court, to be transported beyond the Seas for Life, or for any Term not less than Seven Years, or to be imprisoned for any Term not exceeding Four Years nor less than Two Years, as the Court shall award.
Página 646 - Act shall be quashed for Want of Form, and no Warrant of Commitment shall be held void by reason of any Defect therein, provided that it be therein alleged that it is founded on a Conviction, and there be a good and valid Conviction to sustain the same; and where any Distress shall be made for levying any

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