Kanawai i kauia e ka moi e Kamehameha III, ke alii o ko Hawaii pae aina, ua hooholoia e na 'lii ahaolelo a me ka poeikohoia ... A.D. [1845-1847]

Mea pai palapala a na misionari Amerika, 1847

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Página 18 - America, for the payment of which well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
Página 14 - That the defendant is abo.ut to remove his property out of the jurisdiction of the court, with intent to defraud his creditors ; or— 2.
Página 82 - Protection is hereby secured to the persons of all the people, together with their lands, their building lots, and all their property, while they conform to the laws of the kingdom, and nothing whatever shall be taken from any individual except by express provision of the laws.
Página 104 - Islands shall succour them, and secure them from plunder. The salvage dues shall be regulated, in case of dispute, by arbitrators chosen by both parties.
Página 81 - When the islands were conquered by Kamehameha I., he followed the example of his predecessors, and divided out the lands among his principal warrior chiefs, retaining, however, a portion in his own hands to be cultivated or managed by his own immediate servants or attendants.
Página 45 - ... on or before the first day of the term of the court at which the petition is to be heard.
Página 100 - It being desirable that a general convention should be substituted for the various instruments of mutual agreement at present existing between Great Britain and the Sandwich Islands, the following articles have for that purpose and to that intent been mutually agreed upon and signed,
Página 24 - Whenever costs are awarded to the appellant, he shall be allowed to tax, as part thereof, the costs and fees paid to the justice on making the appeal, as disbursements, in addition to the costs in the appellate court; and when the judgment in the suit before the justice was against such appellant, he shall further be allowed to tax the costs incurred by him which he would have been entitled to recover in case the judgment below had been rendered in his favor.
Página 104 - ... within the dominions of the King of the Hawaiian Islands, shall enjoy the same protection in regard to their civil rights, as well as to their persons and properties, as native subjects; and the King of the Hawaiian Islands engages to grant to...
Página 101 - ... of British vessels shall be severely repressed by the local authorities, who shall employ all the means at their disposal to arrest deserters; and all reasonable expenses of capture shall be defrayed by the captains or owners of the said vessels.

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