Parliamentary Papers, Volumen14


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Página xxvii - ... almost uninhabited, owing to the badness of trade," complain of empty houses ; but in reviewing the whole facts of the present Return, they will be found to support the conclusion which former Reports tended to establish, that sickness has not been aggravated nor the mortality increased by the distress which has prevailed, and which happily to a certain extent has now been subdued.
Página 205 - The dresses of young children and old women should be made as much as possible of worsted or wool ; which will protect them against cold, as well as against fire. 4. The muslin dresses, and cotton and linen clothes, might very properly be starched with the chemical materials which are found by experience to render them, to a certain extent, incombustible. 5. Private houses should all be provided on each floor of the sleeping apartments with the means of escape, in the event of the lower apartments...
Página xxiii - It will be gratefully admitted that the legal provision for the distressed, and the spontaneous liberality of their countrymen, have hitherto sufficed to maintain the people in health. But if the supply has been enough, it has not been more than enough, and its inevitable tendency is to a fall ; and though it could be sustained for an indefinite time, it does not follow that the health of a community living in forced inaction could also be indefinitely prolonged, while that which has been called...
Página xxxi - ... in Monmouthshire and Wales. Hence it appears that the increase was least in Monmouthshire and Wales, greatest in the South Midland Counties and Yorkshire ; and that in the Metropolis, in the Eastern and South eastern Counties, and in the districts of the cotton manufacture, it was from 13 to 15 per cent. The unfavourable influences that were at work pervaded the country generally, and Lancashire did not suffer more than most parts, but less than some.
Página vi - June, 1874, and their Proportion to the Population; also the Number of Illegitimate Births, and their Proportion to the Total Births.
Página xxx - ... per ton at the Waterside Market, Southwark, a price which is lower than what has been obtained at the same place at any previous time since the September quarter of 1859. The average price of wheat was 4^*.
Página liv - CAUSES . . • 2032 2127 1947 1595 1684 1520 1746 1803 1692 2537 2710 2387 1. Zymotic Class . . . 2. Uncertain Seat . . 3. Tubercular Class . 4. Nervous System . . 5. Organs of Circulation 6. Respiratory Organs 7. Organs of Digestion 8. Urinary Organs . . 9. Generative Organs . 10. Locomotive Organs . 11.
Página i - MP, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, &c. &c. &c.
Página xxix - Of the total number of emigrants 8,942 were of English origin, and of these a large proportion chose the Australian Colonies. The Scotch preferred the North American...
Página 84 - Ischuria .... Diabetes .... Stone .... Cystitis .... Stricture of Urethra . Kidney Disease IX. Paramenta Ovarian Dropsy Childbirth Organs of Generation X. Arthritis Rheumatism Joint and Bone Disease . XI. Carbuncle Phlegmon . . . Skin Disease . XII. Cyanosis Spina Bifida . . . Other Malformations XVII. Intemperance . Privation Want of Breast Milk Neglect .... Cold .... Poison .... Burns and Scalds Hanging, etc.

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