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WM. WORDSWORTH Succeeded Southey as Poet Laureate. -continued Died.

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The Prelude.


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Sonnets:- - Composed in Scotland; Dedicated to National Liberty and Independence; On Continental Tours; Ecclesiastical Sonnets; Dedicated to Liberty and Order.

Translated Hymns of Synesius.

The Fall of Robespierre written. Poems.
The Watchman, nine numbers.

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Presented with annuity of £150; tour

in Germany.


Lived at Greta Hall, Keswick, near Wordsworth ; now began to use opium


Lyrical Ballads, with Wordsworth-in-
clude The Ancient Mariner and The

Translation of Wallenstein.

Verse in The Morning Post.

Prose and



an Ode-written.

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Lived at Highgate.

1813 1816

Remorse, a tragedy.


Sibylline Leaves.

Christabel and Kubla Khan published.

The Statesman's Manual.

Two Lay Sermons.

Biographia Literaria.

1816-17 On the Constitution of Church and State


according to the Idea of Each.

Zapolya, a tragedy.

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Aids to Reflection.


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Satire on Corporal Punishment in The Flagellant.

Poems-with Lovell.

Wrote Joan of Arc and Wat Tyler.

Met Coleridge; the Pantisocratic scheme

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Joan of Arc.

Letters written in Spain and Portugal.
Minor Poems.

The Annual Anthology-a miscellany.
Thalaba, the Destroyer, a Metrical


Amadis de Gaul-prose translation from
the Spanish of Ordoñez de Montalvo.
Works of Chatterton.

Metrical Tales and other Poems. Madoc
-a Poem in two parts.

Specimens of the Later English Poets
with Preliminary Notices. Palmerin of
England from the Portuguese. Letters
from England, by Don Manuel Velasquez

Remains of Henry Kirke White with an
account of his life.

The Chronicle of the Cid, Rodrigo Diaz
de Bivar-from the Spanish.

The Curse of Kehama-a poem.

The History of Brazil.


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Life of Nelson.

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Carmen Triumphale for the commence.
ment of the year 1814 and Carmen Aulica.
Odes to the Prince Regent, the Emperor
of Russia, and the King of Prussia.
Roderick, the last of the Goths-poem.
Minor Poems.

The Lay of the Laureate. Carmen Nuptiale. A Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo. Specimens of the Later British


Wat Tyler. A Letter to Sir Wm. South, Esq., M.P. Morte d' Arthur of Malory with notes and introduction.

A Vision of Judgement-a poem. The
Expedition of Orsua and the Crimes of

History of the Peninsular War.
The Book of the Church.

A Tale of Paraguay-a poem.

1824 1825 1826

Vindiciae Ecclesiae Anglicanae.


Sir Thomas More, or Colloquies.

All for

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Love or The Sinner well saved. The

Pilgrim to Compostella, or A Legend of a
Cock and a Hen.

Life of John Bunyan.

Attempts in Verse by John Jones with an
introductory essay on the lives and works
of our uneducated poets. Selections.
Select works of the British Poets from
Chaucer to Jonson, edited with Bio-
graphical Notes.

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Essays Moral and Political. Prose Selections.

Naval History of England.


The Doctor in five volumes.


Dr. Watts's Poems with a Life.

Pension increased to £300 a year.

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His wife died.


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The Works of William Cowper with a Life. Poetical Works of Robert Southey collected by himself; ten vols.

Contributions to The Edinburgh Annual Register. 52 papers in The Critical Review; 3 in The Foreign Quarterly. About 126 papers on history, biography, politics, morals and general literature in The Quarterly Review.

Life of Cromwell.

Oliver Newman and other fragments.
Robin Hood-a fragment. Life of Dr.
Andrew Bell.

Selections from the letters of Robert
Southey. Edited by Warter.

Commonplace Books-edited by Warter.

Poems. Moral Epistle.

Gebir-a Poem written, and published at

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