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“ lus Christ, as second Adam; wherein, upon con“ dition of his fulfilling all righteoufness, which is

now performed in his having been born perfectly

holy, lived altogether righteoully, and made per“fect fatisfaction to justice by his death and fuffer. “ ings, thou hast promised, that thou wilt be their

God, and they shall be thy people, to the making “ of them holy and happy for ever : and that this

covenant is, in Christ the head thereof, offered “ and exhibited to me in thy gospel: and thou callest me into the fellowship of it in him: There.

fore, upon the warrant of, and in obedience to

thy command and call, I, a poor perishing linner, “ do take hold of that covenant, for life and fal“vation to me ; believing on the name of Christ "crucified, the head thereof, offered and exhibited to me, as the great High Priest, who, by the fa"crifice of himself, hath made atonement, paid “the ransom, and brought in everlasting righteoul“ ness for poor finners. I credit his word of grace

to me, and accordingly trust on him, that he “ with his righteousness will be mine, and that, in " and through him, God will be my God, and I thall “ be one of his people, to the making of me holy “ and happy for ever.

O my God, I do by thy grace acquiesce in that

covenant, as all my salvation, and all my desire. “ With my whole heart and soul, the Son incarnate " is my only Priest, my Surety, my Intercessor, “ and my Redeemer; and, in him, the Father my “ Father, the holy Ghost my Sanétifier ; God in “ 'Christ my God. I resign myself foul and body,

to him, to be saved by his blood alone; renouncing all confidence in mine own righteousness

, do “ ings, and sufferings. Wit's my whole heart and “ foul, he is my Head and Husband. And I am “ his only, wholly and for ever ; to live by him, " and for him. I take him for my alone Prophet

, is Oracle

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« Oracle and Guide; give up myself wholly to • him, to be taught, guided and directed, in all " things, by his word and Spirit; and renounce “ mine own wisdom, and the wisdom of this world. “ He is, with my heart's consent, my alone King " and Lord. And I resigo myself wholly, foul and " body, unto him, to be rescued by the strength of « his mighty hand, from sin, death, the devil, and “ this present evil world, for to serve him for ever « and to be ruled by the will of his command, as to “ my duty, and the will of his providence, as to my « lot. I am with my whole heart content (Lord, " thou knowest) to part with, and do renounce e. * very known sin, lust, or idol, and particularly, my

the sin which most easily besets me; « together with my own foolish will, and all other “ lords beside him; without reservation, and with.

out exception against his cross: Protesting in " thy fight, o Lord, that I am, through grace, « willing to have discovered unto me, and upon « discovery to part with every sin in me that I “ know not: and that the doubtings and averseness " of heart mixed with this my accepting of thy co

venant, are what I allow not; and that, notwith. “ standing thereof, I look to be accepted of thee “ herein, in the Beloved, thine only Son and my “ Saviour, purging away these, with all my other “ fins, by his precious blood.

“ Let it be recorded in heaven, O Lord, and let “and whatever is here present, bear witness, “ that I, tho' most unworthy, have this day here “ taken hold of, and come into thy covenant of

grace, offered and exhibited to me in thy gospel ; « and that thou art my God in the tenor of that co

venant, and I am one of thy people, from hence« forth and for ever.”


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DIRECT. IX. After covenanting with God, set yourself to ply the throne of grace by prayer and fupplication, with reference to what is the particular cause or causes of your faft. This is surely the proper order : for then is one in best cafe to make special requests unto the Lord, when, by application of the blood of Chrift, in taking hold of the covenant, his conscience is purged; whereas, if one falls to that work Fefore this, he cannot have the confidence towards God necessary in this case, 1 John iii. 20. 21.

And for the right managing hereof, the following advices are offered.

1. As it is fit you should, the night before, condescend in your own mind, on the causes of your fast; so now again you should review them, partly, that the things which you are to lay before the Lord in prayer and fupplication, may be ready before you; and partly, that you may be duly affected there with.

2. Then go to prảyer, and present your petitions anent then, to your covenanted God. And pray a- : gain and again on these heads, as you shall find your cafe to require: for the time is fet apart for that very end, that you may have opportunity to wrestle with God, in prayers and supplications thereanent.

3. In these prayers, let there be a holy mixture of humility suitable to our unworthiness, of fervency suitable to our preffing needs, and of confidence in God suitable to the access unto him allowed us by the covenant: the which are the special ingredients in prevailing prayer.

It, In all your addresses to the throne of grace, continue a humble fupplicant, not forgetting, but maintaining a due fenfe of your finfulness, vileness, and unworthiness of the mercies you make suit for: Lord, I am not worthy that thou mouldst come under my roof, faith the Centurion, Matth. vii. 8. I am


not worthy of the least of all the mercies, faith Jacob, Gen. xxxii. 10. Due humility will oblige you to look on yourself as absolutely unworthy of spiritual mercies, though, in the mean time, you see an abso. lute need of them: it will keep you from being peremptory in the matter of temporal mercies, and dispose you to a holy submission unto the will of God therein: and it will engage you in matters of light, to lay yourself fairly open to the divine determination.

If, in this last case, your own inclination do sway you to any one side; yet be sure to have no regard to it before the Lord, but come unto him, as it were, in an equipoise, to be cast to what side he will. Such are the meek he will guide in judgment, the meek he will teach his way, Psalm xxv. 9. Unfair dealing with God in this case is exceeding sinful and dangerous. They who venture on it, are therein diskemblers; and will readily throw off their mask, if the answer of God fall not in with the side that their inclination is on : they will repel it ; they will not see it; but will take their own way, notwithstanding, to the provoking of the eyes of his glory. Whereof we have a remarkable instance, in the Jews consulting God as to what they should do, while in the mean time they were aforehand resolved what to do, being bent to go to Egypt, Jer. xli. 17. Chap. xlii. 1,-6, 19, 20. Chap. xliii. 2, 7. Such dealing with God in the matter of light, sometimes provokes him to give men their will, with a vengeance. Thus Balaam got an answer from God, plainly notifying to him, that he should not go with Balak's messenger's, Numb. xxii. 12. But that answer not suiting his inclinations, which were towards the wages of unrighteousness, 2 Pet. ii. 15. he went back for another answer more agreeable thereto, and in wrath he got it, verses 19, 20, 21, 22. 2dly, Be fervent in your addresses, labouring ferBb 4


vently in prayers, Col. iv. 12. On such occasions, the body is afflicted, that the spirit may become the more earnest in fupplication: the ordinary weight of worldly incumbrances is laid aside, that the soul may the more readily take wing, and mount heavenward. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man a. vaileth much, James v. 16.

3dly, Piay with confidence in God, through Jefus Chrift, believingly, not doubtingly and distruftfully: Matth. xxi. 22. And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing ye mall receive. Whether ġour petitions be for temporal or spiritual mercies, present them to the Father in the name of Chrift, according to the promises of the covenant relative thereto : believing, and being confident on the ground of the merit and intercession of the Media. tor, that God will do the best in your cafe, that your labour shall not be in vain in the Lord, and that what is for his glory and your good shall not be with-held from you, Psalm lxxxv. 12. i Cor. xv. 58. Pfalm 1xxxiv. 11.

4. In the intervals of prayer, give yourfelf to some godly exercise; such as singing of psalms, reading of the word, or meditation. And particularly, if you be seeking light into a matter, you may enter on thinking about it, in order to your clearing therein ; weighing circumstances with dependance on the Lord, according to the promise, Psalm xxxii. 8. I will instruct thee, and teach thee in the way which thou Malt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. And specially, if you are seeking light into the state of your soul ; here is a favourable nick of time for it, the marks and evidences of a gracious ftate being, upon the back of covenanting with God, in a fair way to be discovered, to the satisfaction of the fincere soul.

5. Lastly, Lay no weight on the quantity of your prayers ; that is to say, how long, or how many



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