The Journal of Science, and Annals of Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Industrial Arts, Manufactures, and Technology, Volumen15

James Samuelson, Sir William Crookes
J. Churchill and Sons., 1878

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Página 233 - So that in strict truth the ideas of sight, when we apprehend by them distance and things placed at a distance, do not suggest or mark out to us things actually existing at a distance...
Página 553 - LIGHT: a Series of Simple, entertaining, and Inexpensive Experiments in the Phenomena of Light, for the Use of. Students of every age.
Página 268 - Other Worlds than Ours ; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches.
Página 432 - Here are two large houses three or four hundred feet in length, and about one hundred and fifty feet wide at the base. They are situated upon opposite sides of a small creek, and in ancient times are said to have been conceded with a bridge.
Página 564 - Sanitary Engineering: a Guide to the Construction of Works of Sewerage and House Drainage, with Tables for facilitating the calculations of the Engineer. By BALDWIN LATHAM, CE, M. Inst. CE, FGS, FMS, Past-President of the Society of Engineers.
Página 424 - ... for Evocations. Containing the Theoretic Teachings of Spirits concerning all kinds of Manifestations, the Means of Communication with the Invisible World, the Development of Medianimity, &c.
Página 504 - ... explanation of the strange stratification which the voltaic discharge undergoes in rarefied gases, it is clear that the alternate disposition of light and darkness must be dependent on some periodic distribution in space or sequence in time which can at present be dealt with only in a very general w&y.
Página 511 - Next as to mechanical appliances. Mr. Babbage, when speaking of the difficulty of ensuring accuracy in the long numerical calculations of theoretical astronomy, remarked, that the science which in itself is the most accurate and certain of all had, through these difficulties, become inaccurate and uncertain in sume of its results.
Página 501 - Moliere's well-known character, been talking mathematics without knowing it. It is, moreover, a fact not to be overlooked that the appearance of isolation, so conspicuous in mathematics, appertains in a greater or less degree to all other sciences, and perhaps also to all pursuits in life. In its highest flight each soars to a distance from its fellows. Each is pursued alone for its own sake, and without reference to its connection with, or its application to, any other subject. The pioneer and the...
Página 432 - ... a bridge. They are five and six stories high, each story receding from the one below it, and thus forming a structure terraced from top to bottom. Each story is divided into numerous little compartments, the outer...

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