A Handbook for Cement Works Chemists

C. Griffin, limited, 1908 - 141 páginas

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Página 83 - SKETCHES OF BRITISH BIRDS IN THEIR HAUNTS. BY CHARLES DIXON. The Spacious Air. — The Open Fields and Downs. — In the Hedgerows.— On Open ; Heath and Moor. — On the Mountains. — Amongst the Evergreens. — Copse and Woodland. — By Stream and Pool. — The Sandy Wastes and Mudflats.— Sea-laved Rocks.— Birds of the Cities.— INDEX. "Enriched with excellent illustrations. A welcome addition to all libraries.
Página 63 - GENERAL CONTENTS.— The Relation of Metallurgy to Chemistry.— Physical Properties of Metals. — Alloys. The Thermal Treatment of Metals.— Fuel and Thermal Measurements. — Materials and Products of Metallurgical Processes. — Furnaces. — Means of Supplying Air to Furnaces.
Página 31 - TRAVERSE TABLES: Computed to Four Places of Decimals for every Minute of Angle up to 100 of Distance. For the Use of Surveyors and Engineers. BY RICHARD LLOYD GURDEN, Authorised Surveyor for the Governments of New South Wales and Victoria, *»* Published with the Concurrence oj the Surveyors- General for New South Wales and Victoria. "Those who have experience in exact SURVEY-WORK will best know how to appreciate the enormous amount of labour represented by this valuable book.
Página 83 - CONTENTS. — The Materials of the Earth — A Mountain Hollow —Down the Valley — Along the Shore — Across the Plains — Dead Volcanoes —A Granite Highland— The Annals of the Earth— The Surrey Hills— The Folds of the Mountains. "The FASCINATING ' OpEN-AlK STUDIES' Of PnOF. OOLE give the subject a GLOW OF ANIMATION . . . cannot fail to arouse keen interest in geology."— Geological Magazine.
Página 72 - By C. AINSWORTH MITCHELL, BA, FIC, Mem. Council Soc. of Public Analysts. With numerous Illustrations and a coloured Plate.
Página 61 - Ss. 6rf. net. A HANDBOOK ON PETROLEUM. FOR INSPECTORS UNDER THE PETROLEUM ACTS, And for those engaged in the Storage, Transport, Distribution, and Industrial Use of Petroleum and its Products, and of Calcium Carbide. With suggestions on the Construction and Use of Mineral Oil Lamps. BY CAPTAIN JH THOMSON, HM Chief Inspector of Explosives, AND SIR BOVERTON REDWOOD, Author of
Página 54 - Rarely does it fall to the lot of a reviewer to have to accord such unqualified praise as this book deserves. . . . The profession generally have every reason to be grateful to Sir C. Le Neve Foster for having enriched educational literature with so admirable an elementary Text-book."— Mining Journal.
Página 43 - SECOND EDITION, Revised. With Diagrams. Price 2s. Latitude and Longitude: Ho^w to Find them. BY WJ MILLAR, CE, Late Secretary to the Inst. of Engineers and Shipbuilders in /Scotland. " CONCISELY and cue ABLY WRITTEN . . . cannot but prove an acquisition to those studying Navigation.
Página 55 - Illustrations. Price 24s. net. A TEXT-BOOK OF COAL-MINING: FOR THE USE OF COLLIERY MANAGERS AND OTHERS ENGAGED IN COAL-MINING. BY HERBERT WILLIAM HUGHES, FGS, Assoc. Royal School of Mines, General Manager of Sandwell Park Colliery.
Página 48 - Figures. 241. net. CENTRAL ELECTRICAL STATIONS: Their Design, Organisation, and Management. BY CHAS. H. WORDINGHAM, AKC, M.lNST.CE, M.lNST.MECH.E., Late Memb.

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