The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal: Exhibiting a View of the Progressive Discoveries and Improvements in the Sciences and the Arts, Volumen4

A. and C. Black, 1828

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Página 371 - ... greater part of our distance on the ice three, and not unfrequently five times over, we may safely multiply the length of the road by two and a half ; so that our whole distance, on a very moderate calculation, amounted to five hundred and eighty geographical, or six hundred and sixty-eight statute miles, being nearly sufficient to have reached the Pole in a direct line.
Página 365 - This travelling by night and sleeping by day so completely inverted the natural order of things, that it was difficult to persuade ourselves of the reality. Even the officers and myself, who were all furnished with pocket chronometers, could not always bear in mind at what part of the twenty-four hours we bad arrived ; and there were several of the men who declared, and I believe truly, that they never knew night from day during the whole excursion...
Página 365 - A regular watch was set during our resting time to look out for bears, or for the ice breaking up round us, as well as to attend to the drying of the clothes, each man alternately taking this duty for one hour. We then concluded our day with prayers, and having put on our fur dresses, lay down to sleep with a degree of comfort which perhaps few persons would imagine possible under such circumstances, our chief inconvenience being, that we were somewhat pinched for room, and therefore obliged to stow...
Página 366 - The eye wearied itself in vain to find an object but ice and sky to rest upon ; and even the latter was often hidden from our view by the dense and dismal fogs which so generally prevailed. For want of variety, the most trifling circumstance engaged...
Página 365 - ... sure to be thoroughly wet in a quarter of an hour after commencing our journey ; while, on the other hand, it was of vital importance to keep dry things for sleeping in. Being
Página 148 - What can be more delightful than a midnight walk by moonlight along the lone sea-beach of some secluded isle, the glassy sea sending from its surface a long stream of dancing and dazzling light, — no sound to be heard save the small ripple of the idle wavelet, or the scream of a sea-bird watching the fry that swarms along the shores ! In the short nights of summer, the melancholy song of the throstle has scarcely ceased on the hill-side when the merry carol of...
Página 365 - We made a point of always putting on the same stockings and boots for travelling in, whether they had dried during the day or not ; and I believe it was only in five or six instances, at the most, that they were not either still wet or hard frozen.
Página 86 - The mean continuance of any given single, "joint, or surviving lives, according to any " given Table of Observations :" that is, the number of years which, taking them one •with another, they actually enjoy, and may be considered as sure of enjoying ; those who live or survive beyond that period, enjoying as much more time in proportion to their number, as those who fall short of it enjoy less.
Página 416 - Feb. 13. For certain improvements in machinery for propelling boats' and other vessels, which improvements are also applicable to water wheels and other purposes. To George Jackson, City of Dublin, Feb.
Página 292 - ... quite regardless of the removal or light of the lamp, and the constant passing and repassing of the servants. On the opposite side of the same open court, the great housebell was hung, under a wooden cover, fastened to the north wall of the house : it was a large bell, and was rung several times a day, to call the servants to their meals. Under the wooden cover of this bell, the same Swallow, it is believed, which had formerly built on the bracket for the lamp, built a nest for several years,...

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